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Quitty and the Don'ts

Party Lights

In an underground laboratory deep beneath the unsuspecting metropolis, a group of rogue scientists had been working together to create...A MONSTER!

A rock'n'roll monster, that is.

In their secret Brooklyn lair, the four ladies of Party Lights had
been working day and night to meld all of the greatest qualities of rock'n'roll into one unstoppable sound. '60s garage swagger, mod pop cool, and fuzzed-out Go-Go's hooks are all in the mix - and this Frankenstein looks pretty damn good in fishnets and hot pants.

Party Lights is singer/guitarist Anna (ex-Anabolics), drummer/singer Quitty (Quitty & the Don'ts), bassist/singer Joan (grown in a test tube by Party Lights in an experiment to create the world's greatest bass player – clearly, a success), and guitarist/singer Karen (Dear Hearts, ex-Magic City).

Lunar Orbits



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