Paralyth is a high energy melodic hard rock band. Formed in early 2012 by Jonathan Hutchins (from Kansas City based No Collar Hero), Trey Spiller (St. Louis based Celldom), and Hammer C. (from Denver based Lords of Fuzz). After a few months of searching Matt Sebesta ( from N.Y.C based Leftover Crack) joined the group on bass. With a full lineup Paralyth was now ready to move forward and forward they did. After writing over 20 songs, Paralyth set up their own studio and self recorded their current demo.

Paralyth has started to play out in the Denver music scene. With melodic hooks, harmonizing guitars, deep bass, and technical drums, Paralyth gains more fans with each and every show.

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Johnny Got Rox

Rags to Riches Rock & Roll!

Razar Eight

Razar Eight has been through a makeover and is now a power trio with David Henry playing guitar and singing, Mark Kosta on drums and Stephen Terry on bass, we have alot of work to do in 2013, to make 2014 a very successful year

David Henry a.k.a. Javie Dames is a Colorado native, and has played on the
original circuit for many years, with such bands as, High Velocity,
Phineus Gage, Moodswingers, Mad Jack and Fallen but you wouldn't recognize
him playing anything more than 5 strings, you see David has always been a
bassist and a damn good one at that, and he never touched a guitar til 2 years ago.
He has been writing and arranging his unique kind of hip pocket rock, with catchy lyrics and great hooks, but was unable to find a guitarist that was interested in doing it, so he took a huge gamble career wise and made the switch.
Stephen is from the Houston/Gulf Coast area and has played with many popular cover bands. In 1988 he moved to Colorado and concentrated on raising his family. In 2006 with the kids gone, he and his beautiful wife of 37 years begin playing acoustic sets around the Denver metro area. In 2012 he joined forces with the established rock band THE FOG as their bass player and can be found gigging in some of Denver's most popular clubs. Recently he has built a project studio where he can write and record many of his pop influenced original tunes.

Razar Eight is from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado and started in the fall of 2010. David was finishing a 2 year tour with his band "Fallen" ( an Evanescence tribute\fallentribute ). He has a library of original songs and wanted to start a new project. He was recording at The Boomslangs studio in Englewood, where Carl was also recording they liked each others style and decided to start writing songs and see what they could come up with. In the summer of 2011 Robert Dodd dove onto the Razar freight train to play drums, Finally after running ads and doing auditions for a bassist, Zach Goldberg joined the band in September of 2011, and this is where the story of Razar Eight began…

Rating the Hate

Rating the Hate (RTH) was formed in 2009. This band was a young band that couldn't even be called so back when it formed. It went through up's and down's with the vision of becoming successful, but forgot to learn to be a band, and more importantly a family first. Now that we have overcome that, we now face a wall that is Denver, filled with hundreds of other bands looking to become the top. It will be hard, but everything we breath for is over that wall. With the help of everyone willing, we can make it there and beyond. We bring things that aren't easily put into words, because we don't spend time trying to define us and what we're about, but instead we show you what we're all about. So if you want to REALLY know about us, come see us, because thats only real way to judge us for better or worse. Thank you for your time and rock on!

$3.00 - $6.00


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