Robert Harrison and the Outsiders

The Outsiders

Blues Folk-Rock & Roll
playing music. on the road. off the road.

Adam Moore: Guitar and Vox,
John Jarvinen: Bass and Keys
Chris Helvey: Drums

Capper and Friends

A rant seems appropriate. . . .tying ends together the only way I've ever known how, I listened to what reverberated on the inside and picked up the blue Ibanez deity I'd soon call 'home'. Those six strings elevated each of my senses. Each fret taught my fingertips a thing or two about war. Every chord, foreign or not, reached out and plucked through the muscles in my throat until a "voice" began to ring. I learn something every day and that education never goes unnoticed. I appreciate the support to no end and will never, ever give up.

Aloha with love.


The Humbuckers

One of Denver’s most exciting live bands, The Humbuckers never fails to get people up and dancing. With more than 25 shows under their belt at Herman’s Hideaway, The Humbuckers are road-tested Rock & Rollers with a high-octane set list and a V-8 delivery.

“They sound like the mix on my iPod” is a frequent comment you hear after seeing a Humbuckers show. They seamlessly roll songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s into each other to create a tapestry of sound.

Founded in 2003 by guitarist Chuck Montera, their lineup includes Pamela Crawford on vocals, Classically trained Glenn Martin on bass, multi-instrumentalist Leslie Draper Roy on sax, flute and guitar and drummer Rick "Boom Boom" Samuels. Their originals are influenced by Punk and Grunge of the 80s/90s.

So next time you’re in Denver, stop by Herman’s Hideaway on south Broadway. You may be lucky enough to catch a Humbuckers show and maybe even share a beer or three with the band.

Starcar Sunday

Starcar Sunday is a an American Rock 'n Roll band fronted by two harmonizing female singers. If it's a Saturday night then you can probably find them bringing the music to the people at a regional bar, club, or theater

$5.00 - $10.00


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