And The Black Feathers

And The Black Feathers

In an era of harmony, when music was written with love and innocence, bands backed up a great singer who could capture an audience's ear. Most frequently equated as a performer, rather than a song writer, these performers where hailed as kings and queens of their craft without writing a single song. Those days are dead and gone, but the band still plays on. These are the musicians whose names we never knew, and they are the black feathers.

Broken Couches

Musical ideas spawning from one intelligent mind meets two inspiring like minds to help a musical masterpiece grow. After much time and repeated stumbles these three intelligent aspiring individuals find their perfect missing piece! The four are now able to create the music Broken Couches is meant to sound like for all listening ears! Without the missing piece B.C. could simple not exist! We write music to inspire the human race to indulge in the wierdness of their beings!

Walter is:

Brian Barrows - drums
Kyle Lysek - bass
Dan Olson - vocals, guitar
Kevin Wolff - guitar

About the Band

Rock Music from a 4-piece. Sometimes it moves you. Other times, it grooves you. It can also cause your ears to ring.

Yellow Dog Blues Band

Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Bluesy Other Stuff - we do it all! 😉

DJ Nofrendo

Nofrendo is a lifetime vinyl addict that makes music from his soul. Telling stories of life lessons through the tones and rhythms of electro, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, breakbeat, soul, RNB and funk vibrations. Tune in to the wavelength of enlightened masterpieces woven with the threads of harmony and dissonance. As a musician Nofrendo plays multiple instruments including piano, drums, turntables, percussion, samplers and electronics. He is an Audio Engineering major in Denver, CO working to establish an independent record label for the Mile High and Worldly talent he is in tune with.

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