The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes' Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO had its humble beginnings in mid-2011 and was completed over the course of a year. Ever mindful and attentive to the most subtle and nuanced details, founding band members Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas produced, recorded and mixed at the stalwart Breakglass Studios in Montreal. Eventually mastered by the renowned Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, this fourth album by The Besnard Lakes' features heavyweight additions by Moonface's Spencer Krug and Mike Bigelow, The Barr Brothers' Sarah Page, the always-enchanting Monica Guenter and the return of Fifth String Liberation Singers' Choir.

The story of the album unfolds its introspection on the endurance of the human spirit during prophetic times as told by a spy or two, maybe more. Each of the eight tracks on the album takes off, coasts, and lands smoothly, with a jubilant slowburn of its own momentum for the benefit of the larger picture. The Besnard Lakes create a distinct and dreamy headspace, an enigmatic and somehow familiar placelessness. It happens in such a way that both the close and casual listener find themselves immersed in the generous sonic vision, one moment as timeless as the next.

Elephant Stone

Montreal's Elephant Stone was formed in 2009 by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir. As one of the most highly sought out sitar players in the psychedelic music scene, he has recorded and toured with the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Horrors, the Soundtrack of Our Lives, and many more.

In 2009, Elephant Stone released their Polaris Music Prize-nominated debut, The Seven Seas. 2010/2011 saw the release of The Glass Box EP, a supporting slot on the Brian Jonestown Massacre's North American tour, multiple European/UK tours with sold-out dates in London and Berlin, and festival appearances at the Iceland Airwaves, Osheaga (Canada), and SXSW.

2012/2013 will see the band release their sophomore long-player and tour the world spreading their psychedelified-hindie-rock mantra.

Elephant Stone is: Rishi Dhir: vocals, bass, sitar Gabriel Lambert: geetar, backing vocals Stephen "Venk" Venkatarangam: keys, bass, and backing vocals Miles Dupire: drums

Press Highlights for The Seven Seas (2009)

"Utterly uplifting, and a powerful contender for Montreal album of the year." 4 ½ Stars Jordan Zivitz - Montreal Gazette

"…coolly captures Dhir's love of both classic British pop and Indian raga subcurrents while brimming with messages of peace, hope and love." 4 stars Steve Guimond - Hour

"a collection of dreamy britpop infused with rock-sitar jams … a keeper " 4/5 Nightlife Magazine (Montreal)

"tripped-out, transcendent debut " Steve Baylin - Ottawa Xpress

"Elephant Stone offers hopeful, dreamy pop music that's impossible to place in any one time period." Chris Lackner - Press Highlights for The Glass Box EP (2010)

"…look and listen no further than Strangers, as well-crafted a pop rocker as I've heard in a while." 4 stars Steve Guimond – Hour

"Timeless, dreamy and colourful sound that captures Indian raga and British pop influences" Pop Montreal

"If you weren't along for the ride on Elephant Stone's 2009 The Seven Seas debut album, it's time to get on board… Just put it on whole-disc repeat and you'll be set for the day" 4.5/5 Scott Bryson –

Press Blurbs

"kaleidoscopic brilliance" GetIntoThis (UK)

"Transatlantic counterparts to Cornershop in their deft weaving of indie rock and elements of traditional Indian music." PurpleRevolver (UK)

"shimmering psych rock brilliance" WalesOnLine (UK)

"truly unique and a refreshing change from the usual." Meet You at the Show (Montreal)

"A few extended sitar bliss-outs and a band capable of functioning as a behemoth rhythm section ensured this was as much about the groove as the song — and with Dhir's ear for a paisley hook, this was very much about the song." Montreal Gazette

"Elephant Stone aren't a regular guitar band, it transpires - they're also a sitar band." The National (UAE)

"Indie rock with a Hindu element. Like a sitar. Imagine if the Stone Roses had formed in Mumbai."

here is a realm where beauty, magic, sedation and elation exist in a constant stream. There is a plain where sonic waves create a vast wonderland for subconscious wanderers to explore, create, and radiate. We all know. We all go there in the meanderings of our minds, from day to day, minute to minute, filling in the gaps of what it is we consider reality to be. Yet, it is in these undefined spaces where we are truly formed, where our selves are given room to breathe. It was in the early morning hours of a soft Portland autumn in 2012 when four such fellows began building an audible vehicle to transport subconscious wanderers between these plains. A vehicle deemed Daydream Machine.

In the quiet dark basement of iconic drone-rocker Jason Adams from The Upsidedown wonder coalesced into form. Jonathan Allen, a founding member of The Upsidedown, had been living in Philly for the past eight years, working on his project Music For Headphones, and had just returned. At the same time, Matthew Bernard Strange from Portland’s prized group Hawkeye, and Josh Kalberg of the folk-gaze duo Whole Wide World, had been casually getting together with possible ideas brewing. Yet, it was there, in the hushed spaces of Jason’s basement where the four convened for the first time, in a trance-like state, releasing the confines of objective reality by the strike of a fuzzed out guitar chord. It wasn’t long until Charlotte Engler, also of Whole Wide World and chorister for Portland’s Trinity Episcopal choir lent her angelic voice to provide the soaring swoons rounding out the dynamic soundscapes which Daydream Machine creates.

Newly signed to Picture In Your Ear music, Daydream Machine has been piercing the Northwest scene with a slow-burn intensity playing with such acts as The Purrs, 1776, Souvenir Driver, Miracle Falls, and Kingdom of the Holy Sun. Some of their early demo basement tracks can be found on samplers “The Psychic Underground – Vol. 5”, and “The Active Listener – Record Store Day 2013”, and has received play on podcasts such as Anton Newcombe’s Dead TV, “Sideways Through Sound” out of Sydney, Australia, KZME in Portland, and “When the Sun Hits” on Strangeways Radio. With this momentum carrying them into their first full length album, Daydream Machine is establishing it’s presence as a tool of locomotive escape into the realm ethereal.

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