FREE SHOW! Spirit Vine, The Reflections, Raw Geronimo, The Preatures (9pm Set Time), DJs Karrie K (Dirty Laundry TV) and Chris Ziegler (LA RECORD)

Spirit Vine

On a misty winter night filled with bourbon, peace pipes and "Their Satanic Majesties Request," LA's magic makers, Spirit Vine, spun the karmic wheel when they united inside a wooden ship in Echo Park. Formed by Los Angeles based guitarist Gabriel Pacheco, singer/songwriter Jacquelinne Cingolani and guitarist/bassist Aaron Bustos, Spirit Vine endured several line up changes before a chance encounter solidified the spirit of the band. One evening, a stroll through Echo Park would have the trio stumbling across drummer Jalise Woodward meandering in front of the historical Echo Park barber shop. The events that proceeded are unknown, the rest is history, Spirit Vine was born. Often drawing comparisons to Siouxsie and the Banshees, X, Shocking Blu, The Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spirit Vine have been playing the underground circuit for the past few years with some of L.A.'s finest accessories to rock and roll/punk. They have released two EP's and are currently awaiting the release of their first LP (produced by Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line) under Manimal Vinyl in October 2013. Spirit Vine will be making the circuits playing CMJ, touring the US and embarking on a European tour in the spring. Currently, they are in pre production to record with Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Fool's Gold) in January for a follow up EP/LP...who knows with these guys.

Spirit Vine's haunting music tears the flesh and gets down to the bone, strikes a few nerves along the way and gracefully sews it all back together again...we ain't dead...yet.

" L.A. band Spirit Vine have been making their own special kind of witchy rock & roll-the kind of thing you think of when you hear Beefheart growl about coming outta the desert" (LA WEEKLY/ Chris Ziegler)

The Reflections

"The Reflections began when Darian Zahedi and Jon Safley began collaborating together in early 2012, often sending ideas back and forth while on the road with other projects. They spent the better part of Spring 2012 recording an album's worth of songs at Brightstreet Recorders with producer/engineer, Kenny Woods (Jenny Lewis, Lykke Li, Vampire Weekend). Lauded by the likes of Impose, Spinner, Filter and NME for their hypnotic blend of chugging base lines and cool indie pop, The Reflections are prepping for the release of their debut LP, Limerence later this year."

Raw Geronimo

Laena Geronimo's brain child. Songs written, demos recorded. February 2011 band members were sought out amongst hyper talented musically obsessed friends. By March the resulting six-piece began playing out. Citing obscenely vast influences from the smashing of rocks to Paganini violin solos.
We enjoy sunset walks on the beach, nerding out, and making people excited.

The Preatures (from Australia)

The Preatures are a rock and roll band from Sydney, Australia led by Isabella Manfredi and Gideon Bensen on vocals, Jack Moffitt on lead guitar, Thomas Champion on bass and Luke Davison on drums. Their debut EP as The Preatures entitled “Shaking Hands” was released in October 2012 shortly after signing to Mercury Records, and the lead single “Take A Card” was one of the most played local tracks on Australian radio last year.

Their new single “Is This How You Feel?” has taken things to a new level, generating interest and acclaim from all over the globe. Their highly anticipated second EP is set for release in August 2013 in Australia (and shortly afterwards in The US and UK). All songs were recorded, produced and mixed by The Preatures at their DIY studio ‘Doldrums’ in Surry Hills, Sydney. While, the band’s sound still combines the recognisable boy/girl trade-offs of “Shaking Hands”, the new EP shows a new side to the band’s sound.

In October The Preatures will head overseas to play their first shows in L.A, New York and London. They plan to record their debut album early next year.


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