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The Lonely Wild recently emerged from Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco with a new record and a new lease on life. “We walked into the studio with an album about death,” says songwriter, Andrew Carroll, “and John Vanderslice taught us to let go.”

Known for his signature “sloppy hi-fi” approach to recording, Vanderslice worked with the band to create an album unlike anything they had done before. “In the past, we’ve always labored over every detail of our recordings, picking apart each performance.” Carroll continues, “But with John, you can’t do that. He’s kind of like Willy Wonka in the studio—he’s always on the move, whipping up this infectious, magical energy. The first thing we did was throw out all of our demos and approach each song like it was the first time we ever played it. This freed us to take risks, make new discoveries, and perform with fresh inspiration. It’s something we’d always strived for, but never quite had the confidence to capture on past records.”

The Lonely Wild’s 2011 debut EP, Dead End, was a sepia-tone-drenched collection of tunes that pulled from the American folk tradition and 1960’s spaghetti-westerns. Their 2013 follow-up LP, The Sun As it Comes, carried this sound to a grander scale with cavernous banshee cries, and sweeping brass arrangements. Their forthcoming record, Chasing White Light, finds the band in new sonic territory, exchanging western motifs for more eclectic and unusual arrangements. Given the resources of Tiny Telephone Studios, The Lonely Wild was able to seamlessly blend antique instruments like harpsichord and cello with analog synthesizers and electric organs, all recorded to tape. The result is a timeless sound that pushes the boundaries of modern pop music while retaining a sonic richness that existed in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll.

TORCHES are a rock outfit that have been hypnotizing and swooning the Los Angeles scene. Their sound is comprised of lush guitars, vocal harmonies and tribal drums. Singer, Azad Cheikosman and drummer, Eric Fabbro formed this band after years of bashing away in a hot and sweaty garage, only to grow tired of playing covers. The band previously consisted of five, but went down to a more cohesive number of three members. In 2012 the band released their debut LP Heads Full of Rust that garnered the band both national and local recognition from the LA indie scene.

For the new EP If The People Stare, the band once again teamed up with producer Dave Newton (Henry Clay People, Happy Hollows). With a clearer perspective on their sound, the band breaks any limitations and explores a landscape of experimental inspired melodies. With singer Azad Cheikosman’s sensibilities of hauntingly acute lyrics and drummer Eric Fabbro’s unique brand of rock centric tribal rhythms, the band has grown into a signature sound that really resonates

International sensation HOTT MT (Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve), is an experimental post-pop collective based in Los Angeles, CA. HOTT MT is the result of an ongoing curiosity project between Queen Ashi Dala and Spooky Tavi, which expanded to include multi-instrumentalist Bahd Bad in December of 2011, and guitarist Guitty Dryver and drummer Chairman Towel in early 2012. Thoughts and anxieties about myth, experience, conspiracy theories, and Thailand fuel the groups explorations.

HOTT MT made headlines in 2012 when they drove from LA to Oklahoma City to pay homage to Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. The trip resulted in a collaboration between Coyne and HOTT MT on the song “Never Hate Again”, and the song "2012" featuring Ke$ha and Biz Markie. “Never Hate Again” was released by Origami Vinyl in August 2012 with an accompanying video also featuring Coyne. "2012" was released as the lead track on the Flaming Lips collaboration album Heady Fwendz.

HOTT MT's debut LP “I Made This” was released in May, and they recently completed work w/ The Flaming Lips on a Stone Roses cover album (release TBD). Live highlights include shows supporting Bat For Lashes, Wavves, Frightened Rabbit, Ra Ra Riot, Django Django, Robert DeLong, Hands, and The Flaming Lips, including their Guinness World Record setting event.

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