Cure For Caska  (non-smoking show!)

Cure For Caska

This five piece rock band from Orlando found a fresh way to incorporate melodic string arrangements with meaningful lyrics you'll find yourself singing for days after you hear them. As the guitar and drums take on their traditional roles in the band, the strings (Violin, Cello, and Upright Bass) provide the classical influence for a different twist on rock.

Cure for Caska have been getting airplay on radio stations across the country (like WPRK, WMMO, and KBHU/KJKT FM) and have had the opportunity to share the stage with bands such as Blues Traveler and The Spin Doctors.

Their latest album, Wait and Hope, was co-produced with Adam Chadwick, mixed by James Wisner at Plush Studios in Winter Springs, FL., and mastered by Alan Douchess at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

The Passenger

Formed in the summer of 2011, The Passenger, is an alternative rock band hailing from the state where old people go to die: Florida. Mentally rooted in the mid-nineties Saturday Night Live/”Grunge” Era, The Passenger, and their music, intend to inspire you to dust off your Doc Martens and tie a flannel around your waist. Their self-produced debut album, “Here Today. Gone To Maui.,” mixed by Ed R
ose(Get Up Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, Appleseed Cast…), embodies a well-rounded, full bodied, super catchy rock sound reminiscent of bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Foo Fighters, Weezer, etc… The album lyrics describe vivid memories that run the gambit from Sex to Drugs to Rock and Roll, as evidenced in their lead single, “Easy Come. Easy Go.” The song depicts the true story of a broke touring band, far away from home, getting ripped off on an illicit transaction, playing a show and then easing their troubled minds with a late night trip to an adult massage parlor(please reference album track for R rated details). The band is here to work hard and win over fans one at a time. Thank you for reading this, and we hope to meet you soon!



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