Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco

Throughout his career, Jim Bianco has drawn inspiration from, what some might consider, untraditional sources. Whether it was an elevator operator in Tokyo, a stalker in Hollywood, a wedding in Tennessee, or a sinner in church, his songs have twisted their way out of his head and into the hearts of the people who have heard them.

His music, though unconventional, has garnered attention from the likes of NPR’s Mountain Stage, NBC’s Craig Ferguson, HBO’s True Blood, and the Getty Museum, to name a few.

With his new record “Cookie Cutter”, Jim asked 17 different people the same 69 questions, and drawing inspiration from their answers he wrote a song for each of them. Like life itself, the record ranges from the extremely serious to the extremely ridiculous. The theme of the songs runs the gamut, too, from reunited lovers, runaway pets and first kisses to brain cancer survivors, Jesus Christ, and (everyone’s favorite), death.

Jim kicks off his fall tour in October.

Jared & The Mill

“Being in a band, playing and traveling till your boots blow out, and recording in the studio are labors of love, often as rewarding and joyful as they are taxing, and we thank you for joining us on our journey.”

When we first started Jared & The Mill in the summer of 2011 we didn’t have a clue where our sound was heading. Between our six band members we had more than our fair share of musical influences that had grown throughout our lives and our time in college. In truth, we were all more or less invested in other musical projects at that time, but it was our surprising ease in working together and our almost effortless camaraderie that made the arrangement of our group so enjoyable. After one show we played another, and then another, and as things often go we were quite suddenly on the local scene, playing alongside the band’s of new friends and old throughout the Phoenix area and the state of Arizona. Over that year our sound developed and molded into a sound we really can’t nor intend to put a name to, and it continues to change to this day.

In 2012 and into 2013 we were some busy fellas, building our relationships with ourselves, with our music and with our fans. We started adding some new songs to our lineup, toured throughout the southwest in California and New Mexico, and continued to play with local and national acts like Flogging Molly, Cake, The Killers, Y La Bamba, Joe Pug, and Horse Feathers. We were well received in Austin Texas during South By Southwest at our showcase and had a great homecoming from Austin playing at the St. Patricks day Festival with Flogging Molly. At McDowell Mountain Music Festival we made some great memories landing a spot on the same bill as Heartless Bastards, The Roots, and The Shins. From there things continued to grow and we felt ready to record our first album in the month of June.

Western Expansion is a record that speaks for where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. A few of our oldest tunes have made it onto the album, and some that were composed only weeks before recording. If there’s one common influence on an artist’s work, I think it’s certainly the landscape in which they live. Our music has been called, compared, and regarded in many ways, and we’ve been influenced and molded by many things, but I’d like to think that some shred of the southwest, of our home, can be found at the heart of our music. We’re all born and raised in the state of Arizona after all, and we truly hope we can to do our state proud. Being in a band, playing and traveling till your boots blow out, and recording in the studio are labors of love, often as rewarding and joyful as they are taxing, and we thank you for joining us on our journey. With that, we hope you like the tunes, and share it with your loved ones.

We’ll see you down the road,

Jared & The Mill.

Amber Snider

Amber Snider is a pop-folk, rock, blues, and country singer-songwriter who delivers universal, high-energy fun, reflective life stories through acoustic-electric music. She has released 5 CDs, 2 singles, has headlined various shows as well as supported numerous artists including Cat Power, Clint Black, Gretchen Wilson, Carl Verheyen of Supertramp, Jared & The Mill, Jim Bianco, Raw Oyster Cult and more. She and her band have played top venues, wineries, and events in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing celebrated original music as well as their favorite hits from yesterday and today.


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