Loyal Family Presents Fareed Haque's Mathgames


MathGames! was formed in 2010 as side project for Fareed Haque, Greg Fundis, and Alex Austin. By bringing together a wealth of knowledge in multicultural music and genres the MathGames! sound was formed. The band remained a trio until the spring of 2012 when Jesse Clayton, former keyboard player of "The Macpodz," joined the band. Jesse adds complexity to their sound and adds an unmistakable energy to the band. MathGames! will continue to flourish with music that is progressive, multidimensional and fun.
World renowned guitar virtuoso, Professor Fareed Haque, recently returned from interstellar pan dimensional time travel to bring 'jazztronica' to earth with his new band MathGames!.

By infusing a musical equation that mixes genres, tempos, melodies and abnormal beats, MathGames! takes you on an innovative musical adventure. Band members Alex Austin (Bass) and Greg Fundis (Drums) provide a funky musical backbone as new member Jesse Clayton (Keys and Electronics) submerges you in a futuristic groove. Together the band transforms light into sound and takes everyone in the crowd deep into space. While traveling dimensions, Fareed powerfully moves sound in undefined ways by switching styles with his multiple guitars including the mesmerizing Moog guitar.

Together, MathGames! breaks down music at fundamental levels and smoothly rearranges it into something never defined before, blending funky jazz and modern instrumentation to take you out of your head and out of this world. Visual artist Craig Pessolano takes every live show different voyage, proving to the crowd that with this band, surprises are always in store.



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