The New Thoreaus

"The New Thoreaus are one of the few bands that can appeal to a crowd full of traditionalists AND folks who like a little something different. Think Tom Waits meets NOLA's Preservation Hall Jazz Band."--Mike Bond, The Bottleneck Cafe Radio Show

The New Thoreaus are an indie-folk band with a bluegrass bent. They combine, blues, jazz, and good old rock and roll to create sexy stew of sound best served hot and with a bib. Since 2008, they've been rocking their diverse mix of original tunes all over the San Francisco Bay Area. The band features Sara Heller on trumpet, Chris Bloomfield on cello, Lauren Hoernig on the upright bass, Laurence Rodman on mandolin and guitar, and Ian Patton on banjo, guitar and harmonica.

Dead Cat Hat

Founding members of Dead Cat Hat Allan Canumay and Pato Milo, met in the summer of 2010 at Benicia’s 76 Gas Station that doubles as a favorite burger and taco spot. Over burgers and beers and trading stories about former bands, Allan and Pato started a friendship and quickly set out to play open mics for grins, but eventually went on to form a wildly eclectic five-piece band with banjo, accordion, bass, drums and guitar.
Canumay’s pursued a career as a classical pianist in the 80s and attended San Francisco’s Conservatory of Music. His interests included going to punk shows, and he gradually migrated from performing as a solo pianist, to singing and playing guitar, drums, and keyboards in Bay Area bands. He joined “Fuzzzone”, “Harvest Theory”, “Monkey Brittle” and “Kumquat”, and was a regular at Gillman and other punk clubs.

In the mid 90s, Canumay moved to Seattle where he established his five-piece band “Jettison” as a viable part of the musical community. “Jettison”, featured a cello and combined his classical and post punk influences. In the 2008, he returned to Benicia intending to give the club scene a break.
Pato grew up in the East Bay playing in his first band “Rampage” in junior high school. As founding member and bassist of “Slow Children At Play”, he enjoyed several years of playing Danville area keggers, and clubs in Berkeley and San Francisco including Ruthie’s Inn, and the Fabulous Mabuhay Gardens. Pato performed on upright bass with the DVC Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra. At that time, he also played guitar as a founding member of “Iguana Twist”, a duo that played shows in San Francisco at the Nightbreak, and 16th Note clubs. The “Wall of Vudoo”-esq duo created a video for their song “Are You Following Procedure” which aired on MTV’s Basement Tapes program in 1985.

In the early 90s, Pato played slap bass with “Big Mix”, guitar in “Moe’s Kitchen”, bass in “Tumblin’ Dice”, and guitar “The Re-Tenders”. He played upright bass for various musical theater orchestras and jazz combos during the 2000s.

“Dead Cat Hat” was initially conceived of as a duo with Pato and Allan Canumay. They devised a plan to play small shows at cafes and bars in the San Francisco Bay area. They called their music “Recession Rock” consisting simply of harmony vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar, and a snare with brushes. Friend and Drummer Pete Stanton of Pato’s former band “Slow Children At Play”, sat in on snare and brushes on these early shows.
In the Summer of 2011, Allan and Pato met Bonnie Schiada while shopping for classical piano sheet music at Benicia’s ABC Music Store and Academy. Bonnie immediately produced an accordion started playing along with Allan and Pato who were checking out some guitars. She accepted an invitation to play at the next show and her accordion became the central layer of sound of Dead Cat Hat.

Bonnie’s fiancé bassist Jay Maddox came along shortly after to complete the five-piece band. Bonnie and Jay are both music educators, and have extensive local and international experience playing classical trombone in orchestras and ensembles. Jay plays guitar, bass, and trombone with East Bay bands “Two Left Feet”, and “Nobody From Nashville” and other bay area bands.

“Dead Cat Hat” played over 60 shows in their first year in various configurations, and made two tours to Seattle.
With well over 50 original songs, the band is equally at home in a variety of venues ranging from back yard BBQs and house parties, saloons, clubs, and bars, yacht clubs, restaurants, and even a movie theater.

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