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A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder is a Washington DC based, female fronted heavy metal band. Their four piece band consists of Josh Schwartz on guitar, Nina Osegueda on vocals, Jesse Keen on bass, and Chris Haren on drums. A Sound of Thunder conquers metal realms ranging from '70s blues-based proto-metal a la Black Sabbath and early Judas Priest, to triumphant modern power metal a la Hammerfall and Primal Fear. Soaring vocals, incendiary instrumentals, and classic songs combine to form an unrelenting, unapologetic slab of metal to stand the test of time.

Black4 consists of former members of Guiltrip (Curt and Jason), Hungry Onion (Bryan) and the drummer of Fist-a-Gon and Bello (Brian). The group was formed in 2011. Infusing various rock styles to create an ever evolving sound.


Guerilla is the greatest band you have never heard of. As much as these four mid-twenty year old guys would like to say they don't give a shit, they have been playing music together since they could barely play their instruments. Guerilla plays music for the people - and by people I mean punks, 90's music addicts, and anyone who will still get drunk on a Wednesday. As much as they enjoy playing at some of the more well known venues of Chicago, they would much rather have you catch them in some random guys basement. If the gritty chants and powerful riffs don't get you hooked the first time you see them, then their sexy guitar shreds and occasional sax wailing will. It's hard to sift through all the crap music and bands blowing smoke up your ass these days, so we'll make it easy for you. Go listen to Guerilla.

Everyone loves a self-penned band biography right?

With more than a poorly thought out touch above your mothers' knee of cynicism, here you have five men, either young-ish or young-once-ish. Each of us has chased the dream, got a glimpse and in one way or another fallen short. Fully aware that this is sounding like some depressing 'against all odds we carry on' rubbish, let me make it clear that
we love playing in our band and have a lot of fun doing so. Just don't ask the others about it.

Anyway, we decided toward the end of 2011 that being a good band wasn't good enough for us, and scrapped everything we'd done (which, to be fair, didn't amount to a whole lot of points on the leaderboard) and start again. We're not kids anymore, we've all worked office jobs for years, we've all had frustrations of one kind and another, so where was the music for us? Where are the songs about suddenly realizing we're actually meant to be grown up and that we might have left everything a bit late?

With those ridiculous thoughts in mind, we're making ourselves happy. We left behind our one-paced in-and-out pogo-rock and have at least attempted to pen songs that spoke for who we are and what we were: a poorly dressed bunch of men with a penchant for harmony, terrible intentions, strident melodies and guitars, making music that will help you wake up feeling ever so slightly sexy, dirty and used. We've never looked back, not even at girls in their summer wares.

That last bit is no way true.

When most people get to the point where they either have to laugh or cry, we decided to drink some gin, watch some porn, and turn up the TV.

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