Lush Farm, RocBox, Squirley Monkey, This is True

Lush Farm

lushfarm is a grunge-ish band from Baltimore, Maryland that has been around for way too long. Through half a dozen member changes the sound has evolved from quirky indie rock to something more sincere, swerving maniacally from a softer folk slow dance to gritty garage mosh party in mere minutes. Sharing the stage with acts like Baltimore beer-rockers The Matrimonials, bluesy rock crooners Among Wolves, and DC's somber indie Deleted Scenes, they fit in to any rock genre you can imagine. Preferring an intimate stage, they are at home at places like Metro Gallery and The Windup Space in Baltimore, but are not afraid to play the big stages like Ottobar and Baltimore SoundStage when called upon


Rocbox is Daniel Corridori, Ira Josel and Larry Nolly. These three have played in various bands with each other over the years. As RocBox they decided to be totally self-contained and put together RocBox Studio to record their CD. Working over a period of a few years RocBox acquired the equipment and knowledge to record, engineer and produce their own music.

Growing up listening to and playing music of the Rock & Roll greats, each one developed his own unique "feel" for Rock and Roll. The combination of these three musicans produced a truly original view of what Rock & Roll should be.

Rock & Roll isn't just a type of music, it's also an attitude. And the music of RocBox is not a trend, it's a part of what Rock & Roll is all about - the fun, the emotions and the feelings you get from listening to music.

Squirley Monkey

Squirley Monkey's music is a unique mix of intensity, style, design, and tends to come into creation organically. We feel that our band being comprised of two couples makes for a strong and balanced core to our art; it helps in collaborating and expressing ourselves authentically. Jenne's heartfelt lyrics are unleashed to inspire the audience with new perspectives. Miki's drumming is freshly persuasive with a flare for the little details. Brian plays bass with vibrant yet smooth and captivating finesse. Pug's bass playing is an audio trip straight from his mind to his fingers. We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it; new recordings and shows to come soon!!!

Jenne- vocals/flute/synth, Miki Lyn- drums, Brian- 4 string bass, & Pug- 5 string bass

This is True

What started out as a favor for a friend to play a song at a birthday party quickly turned into the inspiration to keep going for something greater. This Is True was founded soon after that fateful party and is now a band hard at work making music that everyone can listen to.

Justin Rutkowski - Guitar/Backing Vocals
David "Pudding" Shockley - Bass/Vocals
Marcus "Nesquik" Capaldo - Drums



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