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Suite 709

As bands spring up all around Austin, Texas, Suite 709's arrival to the music scene has the city buzzing. Every show is like a party from beginning to end. With a sound that has been classified by fans as funk to rock & soul, Suite 709 blends the elements of R&B and Soul with a touch of Rock to create a unique style that translates to multiple audiences. The Suite 709 sound is reminiscent of Motown's mega-pop group The Jackson 5 to modern day R&B superstar; John Legend, with a touch of James Brown's flare. Their thrilling live show is an indication of one thing in particular: Suite 709 wants to make you dance. Soulful frontman; Jirod Greene's playful melodic scats & vocal acrobatics matched with his animated stage presence holds the crowd's attention and his bandmates are just as engaging. Greene, David Butler (guitar), Ross Falcon (bass), Dietrich Schmidt (keys) & Zach Boston (drums) are bringing new flavor to music lovers. Suite 709 has their sights set on giving you an experience that you won't forget.

O Conqueror

O Conqueror is a musical collective from Austin TX set to release their highly anticipated debut album "King Me" produced by David Butler (Suite 709) at SoCo Sound in November 16th.

Established in 2011, O Conqueror is already on the rise as an emerging indie artist in the Austin music scene. Founded by Dustin Doering (Guitar/Vox), Jonathan Baugh (Percussion/Keys), Justin Green (Lead Guitar/Multi
Instrumentalist) and Tito Sopena (Bass/Back up Vox,) O Conqueror can best be described as "tender," "introspective," and "packed with emotion."

In early 2012 O Conqueror had their radio debut on Austin's 93.3 KGSR, and had their live debut at Austin's Pecan Street Festival.

Their songs are dynamic, with long crescendos, great rhythms, unique instrumentation, and echoing vocals. "A 3am driving alone with a broken heart kind of band."
" O Conqueror are one of those acts that makes a big impression on the first listen. Smart songs laced with clever hooks. A sense of honestly that is quite rare these days. "
-Matt Noveskey/ Producer/ Blue October bassist

"Simply put, O Conqueror is going to go places." -Indie Sheep

"Brilliantly understated, tender and sweet; Austin Indie Popsters O Conqueror are poised to go far in 2012"
-Trevin on the Radio-101X-KROX FM

"O Conqueror's sound is packed with emotion, great rhythm and echoing vocals...a definite head-turner in the smiley-happy music town of Austin!" -Andres (AC) Cantu 101x, 101.5 FM Austin

"A band to watch. Be sure to check out the dreamy “Masquerade” with its slow build to a big, big chorus and back again." Loris Lowe, Local Licks 93.7 KLBJ/93.3 KGSR Austin TX

"With an introspective style occasionally reminiscent of Band of Horses, thoughtful lyrics, a clear, consistent voice and songs like a friend's shoulder when you're feeling down, I think 'O Conqueror' will go far"
—Matt Parmenter, Quiet Company

"O Conquerer" creates a unique sound - their songs are clearly made out of love for music and they have conquered our Playlist by storm." - Mike Tarpataky from - Rock-Indie-Alternative

The Antiques formed out of the ashes of the Santa Barbara, CA band Budge, who developed a cult following around Santa Barbara in the late '90s. Two members of the band went separate ways, but the core members, Joey Barro (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Ben Donaldson (bass) and Chris Good (drums, percussion), continued on from their new home of Los Angeles, CA. Barro's intentions as a song-writer are not to replicate the original sound of Rock music, but to acknowledge it and update it. As he pens songs, he tips his cap to those like the Man in Black, paying homage to the greats; but rather than experimenting, he simply modernizes it, making it more relevant and accessible to today's listeners. The addition of Josh Hertz (lead guitar, lap steel) provided a necessary balance between the old and the new, bridging the generation gap. The ability of the band to bridge such a gap gives access to listeners of all ages. Their sound is reminiscent of The Kinks and Bob Dylan in the '60s and '70s, combined with The Pixies and Wilco in the '90s and '00s, which culminates into an indie-folk-rock sound that brings back memories for some and forms new memories for others.

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