Tutu & The Pirates, Hotlips Messiah, Soy City Stranglers

Tutu & The Pirates

"Musically, they're straight out of inside-out punk. They are a second-generation New Wave band that begins with the Ramones, the Pistols, and Iggy and goes from there. Pretty far from there, too. So slick is their parody and accomplished their use of symbols, you'd think Flo and Eddie were back there someplace pulling the strings." -- David Witz for The Chicago Reader (April 1978)

Hotlips Messiah

HotLips Messiah is Chicago's premier mutant rock band. They have been a fixture on the Chicago punk and mutant rock scene for a decade and played legendary venues such as the Lounge Ax and the Fireside Bowl. Large venues like the Congress Theatre, and dinky little holes in the wall like the Big Horse. They have played with bands as obscure as Phil A. Sheo & the Goods and with bands as huge as the Misfits. With classic original bands like the Avengers and the Germs and with modern inspired schizos the Rotten Fruits, the Urinal Mints and the Functional Blackouts. Musically, they are a tornado of noise, filth and ass-shaking melody and catchiness. Lyrically, they use science fiction and sleaze as a blunt metaphor for the INhuman condition mankind finds itself in today.

Soy City Stranglers

From the depths of America's rust belt come the SOY CITY STRANGLERS. Forming in 2008, this five piece has made the most out of their shitty surroundings in the urban wasteland of Decatur, Illinois and delivered a sonic assault of PBR-fueled leather clad intensity not seen since the Reagan era. The raging dual guitars, a tight bombastic rhythm section, and the nihilistic spitted vocals of Billy Fury converge into tunes comparable to the finer works of The Dwarves, Poison Idea, and The New Bomb Turks. The boys will be touring across the country until the whisky runs out. They just recorded with Matt Talbot (Hum, Centaur). Tracks will be up soon They talk shit. They play fast. We like it. -Waldem Artists ..



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