Ramblin' Erik James, Crooked Tails, Pete Wire, Manicanparty, The Bakersfield Breakers

Ramblin' Erik James

Erik James was influenced early in life by folk music. The sounds of Woody Guthrie, The Carter Family, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott inspired him to travel and play music . Erik left home at a young age to ramble around the United States, he's hitch-hiked hoping freight trains from coast to coast with his guitar slung across his back, absorbing the sights and sounds of America and the stories of the people he met along the way. A wide range of music and culture influences Erik, drawing musically from Folk, Blues, Bluegrass, Motown, Rockabilly, and Cowboy Songs, His music is rooted in the tradition of the traveling balladeer. Like the bards of old, Erik is bound for glory, traveling the land, sharing his stories, picking his guitar, and singing his songs.

Crooked Tails

Crooked Tails was formed in NYC in early 2013 by Jeff and Shana. The pair met one freezing night at 3 am on Ave A, where Jeff noticed Shana drunkenly walking down the street singing acapella George Jones songs. He quickly persuaded her to join his then non-existent band. The two would later recruit Ricardo and Alex whom they met at a hot sauce eating competition that summer. Having an almost complete lineup, the band arranged a day to audition drummers at their rehearsal space in Bushwick. After many less than satisfactory auditions, accidentally in walked future drummer Dave, thinking he was about to try out for a Black Metal band. Drawing influence from older artists like Johnny Cash, Leadbelly, Patsy Cline, to current acts like Deer Tick and Shakey Graves; Crooked Tails unleash a unique style of alt-country mixed with a side of the blues. The quintet aims for world domination one dive bar at a time.

Pete Wire

We are "Pete Wire", an Indie band based in Brooklyn comprised of native "New Yawkas" & the Minister's Son from Massachusetts. Four Teachers, an Ironworker & The Quantum Queen: Benny "the Kid" Piper on drums/vocals; Dave Doll on bass; "Sir" Charles Marine on percussion; Demian "Damon" Palombo on guitar; Wire on guitar/vocals; & Tara Novie on vocals. Sounds range from Soukous to "RockGrass" (electric Bluegrass) to Bossa Nova to Mythrock to Americana to plain old melodic alternative rock. This thousand-mile journey began with the first step 3 years ago & the Mystery continues today. Thank you Alan Watts, Vivekenanda, Ba'al Shem Tov, Beatles & The Smiths! Bhagavad Gita Zen Tao of the Golden Flower! Peace


Manicanparty is an alternative pop group comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. Growing up in Minnesota they each found their own path to the arts. Pat did theater work and played in a number of indie bands, while Jess pursued songwriting and the guitar. In 2007 Patrick moved east attending the Hartt School where he studied acting. Jess hung back in Minnesota attending University of Minnesota and writing songs in her spare time but quickly joined Pat in Connecticut. There they began to compose music together creating a new and dynamic partnership. After Pat graduated they moved to Brooklyn, NY finding a home with Treehouse Recording Studios-AtWork Management where they perfected their distinct and fresh sound. Released under RPM MSC/ATWORK their debut single, "Rebels in the Light", caught the attention of both critics and listeners alike with its heavy use of tribal drums and chants, accentuated by Jessica's unique vocal tone. "Rebels in the Light" is the first single off the upcoming Manicanparty EP set to release late this summer.

The Bakersfield Breakers

The Bakersfield Breakers are a three-piece instrumental group from New York City that formed in 2010. The band consists of Guitar, Bass, and Drums and its mission is to reawaken the classic guitar-driven sound of 1950’s Bakersfield and the driving tunes of 1960’s surf rock. In addition to its large catalog of covers, the group also performs originals that fit perfectly with the vintage vibe and can comfortably cover gigs of anywhere from forty-five minutes to three hours. The group has performed at bars and clubs around New York including Rodeo Bar, Otto’s Shrunken Head, the Underground Lounge, and the Ding Dong Lounge. In 2012, they were also featured performers at the HOWL Festival in Tompkins Square Park and at Arbor Fest at the Queens Botanical Garden.
For all your Maximum Surf ‘n’ Twang needs, look no further than the Bakersfield Breakers!


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