Needle Points

An experiment in street level boogie. Their energy on both stage and tape...will mystify your body, tickle your fancy, and breathe sweet breath into your chakra. Hailing from Philadelphia, they are a far out expression in stripped down magic. With jangly riffs, tribal beats, and fuzzy tones. They are Needle Points.

The High Five

"The High Five brings all of the beer-sloshin' debauch and lust-worthy shred cred that anyone could ask for in a modern-day revisit to the by-gone days of rock 'n' roll in all its glory. With raw power rock, punk and glam grooves that make you want to grab the nearest babe and go down to the mysterious and sexual place they call 'The Holler', this dreamy Philly team has swooned crowds and shared stages with legendary inspirations such as The Rezillos, The Vibrators, Walter Lure of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and more -- all just in this first year of their conception.

With solid instrumental arrangements that somehow breach being even tighter than their jeans, seamless live sets drenched in true-blue American spirit and catchy melodies that increasingly induce piss-drunk singalongs from the die-hards and newbs alike, The High Five has cultivated a following in Philadelphia consisting largely of leather-clad, "Stone Fox" babes.

Here's the recipe for a rock 'n' roll revolution: create some original jams inspired by the likes of The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Iggy & the Stooges and Aerosmith, get a front-man who looks, walks, talks and dresses like a hybrid of Johnny Thunders, Johnny Depp and Jim Morrison, have a solid back-bone kicking the shit of the drums like it's nothing and a string section that'll melt your face off with screamin' licks that take what you might assume is a has-been, overplayed sound to a whole new level of talent. Ladies and gentleman, that mix will have you rockin' and rollin' with The High Five"


Joe Kusy of Far-Out Fangtooth.


Ever get that feeling like you wanna jump out of an airplane? Or ride a motorcycle about 100 miles an hour down the highway?? We do. RPM's, Rock Punk Metal.



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