Doc Hopper

Doc Hopper

Doc Hopper is a punk band from the north east USA. Many tours of the US. Played with so many great bands along the way.


Leaning in the realms of Husker Du, Samiam and Jawbreaker in a time when that music was fresh, KRHISSY was a post-pop-punk band from Philadelphia in the 1990's. With a rough and gruff swagger, they hit the stage with such bands as At The Drive In, Lagwagon, Kid Dynamite, and the Dead Milkmen. From basements, and VFW's, to theaters, churches, and even boxing rings, they spent years touring and playing hundreds of shows from 1994-1999 — reuniting briefly for a few shows in 2007. They return to the Troc for this single performance in 2013.

Ex Friends

Ex Friends is a shoebox filled with old letters, photographs and cassette tapes. You find it under your bed as you are packing up and getting ready to move out of the house you've lived in for the last five years. You are afraid to open it, but you do anyway. Inside are people and places you thought you'd forgotten. There's a letter from Joel Tannenbaum. You know, Joel from Plow United, that punk band from the Philly suburbs back in the 1990s. There are some drawings from JP Flexner, the guy who designed all those t-shirts you used to wear. And look, there's Audrey Crash, from all those West Philly basement bands. And she's standing next to Jayme Guokas. What's he doing here? You'd best settle in; it's gonna be a long, weird afternoon.

Ex Friends is also a Philadelphia punk band formed in 2011 whose two 7" EPs have received glowing reviews in Punk News, Razorcake and elsewhere. They've shared stages with The Smoking Popes, Screaming Females, HR (Bad Brains), Night Birds and many more. With their debut LP, Rules For Making Up Words due out on Paper+Plastick in Fall 2013 and plenty of touring planned for the year ahead, Ex Friends is ready to kick and scream and bleed until the lights go out for good.



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