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circle takes the square

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, Circle Takes the Square are an experimental punk band known for their fusion of the melodic with the chaotic, bound together within meticulously crafted, epic compositions. Since the turn of the century, CTTS has been hammering out their unique brand of apocalyptic hardcore, characterized by founding members Kathleen Stubelek (bass), and Drew Speziale's (guitar) dual vocal onslaught, which ranges from soft-spoken chants and whispers, to abrasively cathartic screams. In 2004, the band released their debut full length, As The Roots Undo (Robotic Empire/Hyperrealist) to wide ranging acclaim from both their underground fanbase and mainstream critics alike. In 2007, the addition of drummer Caleb Collins (Ex-Mare) and guitarist David Rabitor, propelled the band to refined levels of technicality, brutal intensity, and uninhibited experimentation. After a lengthy writing and recording process, the band unleashed their second full length album, Decompositions: Volume Number One on December 21, 2012, on their own label, Gatepost Recordings

B. Dolan with Live Band

B. Dolan (born 1981) is an American rapper, activist, performance artist, slam poet and emcee based in Providence, Rhode Island. B. Dolan's music is often genre-defying; though his work bares a clear hip-hop influence, it has been known to incorporate extremely diverse elements of rapping, storytelling, clowning, and absurdist theatre, among others.
As an activist, Dolan is known primarily as the co-creator and co-founder of, a wiki devoted to connecting consumers with Social Responsibility information about corporations. As well as being a founder of, Dolan is also an author of several articles within the site. He is especially known for an article on American Apparel's CEO Dov Charney

United Nations

United Nations is an experimental punk supergroup whose roots go back to at least 2005, formed by Geoff Rickly, the singer/lyricist of the band Thursday.



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