Aesthetic Perfection

It is not a comment on society.
It is not a forum for philosophy.
It is not your new voice.
It is not a revolution.
Without form, without ego or intention,
Aesthetic Perfection is music without a cause.
Influences are combined, songs composed.
Audio is recorded, edited, arranged and mixed.
Music designed without purpose.

Die Sektor

Originally formed as a duo by Gant and Denman in 2002, DIE SEKTOR were quickly signed to leading German harsh-EBM label NoiTekk following the self-release of their 5-track demo “Scraping The Flesh” in 2004.
The acclaimed debut album “To Be Fed Upon”, mastered by Kolja Trelle (SOMAN), was released by NoiTekk in 2006 – and later by Russian label Gravitator in 2007.
Subsequently DIE SEKTOR have remixed several high-profile artists in the electro-industrial scene including DAWN OF ASHES, GRENDEL, and most recently ALIEN VAMPIRES (DWA/Alfa Matrix), CEDIGEST (DWA/NoiTekk) and DETROIT DIESEL (DWA/Infacted).


Nekronet is an electro industrial metal band from New York City. Formed with its current lineup in 2011, Nekronet has been touring the east coast and is now in the process of recording another full album. West coast shows are in the works as well.
Keep an eye out for Nekronet's new album, singles, remixes, and shows throughout 2013

Venal Flesh

Venal Flesh is a dark electro project from Washington, DC, USA focusing on dark, unsettling atmospheres; heavy, crunchy beats; and complex, multi-layered melodies. It was formed in 2010 by Dan Barrett (aka rhythmic noise act Worms of the Earth) and DJ/model VanityKills; later adding Joseph Myers (aka DJ Biodread) on synths and live keys. This project is based around the concepts and imagery of VanityKills: the juxtaposition and parallels of extreme religious devotion and obsession with physical beauty. Venal Flesh hopes to evolve the dark, heavy sound that was started by the first wave of dark electro/terror ebm acts and create music fitting of the genre’s name.

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