Old Rock House Presents: The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion

For a decade, alt-rock phenom The Boxer Rebellion have been turning heads globally as a band known and admired for not sticking to the rule book. "This band can alter your life," said the UK's NME Magazine, referring to the incredibly epic and ambitious, yet intimate and melodic nature of the band's musical output. Following a tumultuous time being signed to Universal Records, the band set out on their own following the release of their debut album 'Exits' and made history in 2009, on the release of their sophomore album 'Union' by becoming the first unsigned band to ever break the Billboard Top 100 albums chart on a digital-only release. That same album was crowned iTunes' Alternative Album of the Year, and was followed by a feature film appearance alongside Drew Barrymore, and SNL's Justin Long, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis in the film 'Going the Distance' – widely regarded as the most prominent featured performance of a band in motion picture history. The band finally received their network TV debut courtesy of David Letterman, upon the release of 2011's highly acclaimed 'The Cold Still' produced by award-winning record producer Ethan Johns.

May 2013 sees the release of the band's much-anticipated 4th studio album. Moving away from the more analog and darker soundscapes that enveloped the band's previous, Promises is a significant step in a different direction for the London four-piece – a more hi-fi, and soaring work that truly delivers on the band's widescreen, signature sound.

The Glass Cavalry

Tight lyrics. Eclectic, mellifluous textures. Lead riffs. Piano-driven grooves flowing to headbanging, palm-muted rhythm guitars you can dance to. The playfulness of Ludo, the fretboard ferocity of classic rock, with emphasis on melodic tension-and-release catharsis. Imagine a Third Eye Blind cake with Jimmy Page frosting, keyboard sprinkles, and vocally dual-gender candles.

Grant Barnum let's his guitar scream on stage, and his soul pour out his voice. Katie Lindhorst brings out the heart of underground music with her vocals and keyboards, and with Shannon Durington on bass, and Devon Henry on drums, our rhythm section keeps the music solid and soulful. As a band we're ready to fit bills for indie, alternative, or hard rock audiences on any stage.

These four Missouri soldiers have been under the moniker "The Glass Cavalry" for the past year, but the music you'll hear has been alive for much longer than that. Barnum started writing the skeleton of TGC years ago, scratching lyrics in notebooks, or chanting riffs in his head. He made sure to allow for my growth as a person, as a musician, and for the growth of the songs themselves. Muscle tissue came in the form of chorus ideas, skin in the form of verse couplets. Before these songs had a band to perform them, they were Grant's friends, incubating in the closet for no one but him.

Now they're alive and well. TGC released a 3 song ep in the fall of 2011, with a full-length album already in the works. "Burn and Void" will be available this year, containing 12 tracks. The musicians poised to embody them are as committed as they are talented, and The Glass Cavalry can't wait to share them with you.

To quote one of our tracks, "...the fight is on, but we're nowhere near the end."

$14.00 - $16.00


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