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Invest STL

Invest STL is a charitable fund at the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation dedicated to supporting the development of great neighborhoods in the St. Louis region.
The mission of Invest STL is to engage residents and stakeholders in the St. Louis region for the support of great neighborhoods.
Rockefeller and Carnegie spent millions to improve their cities, but Invest STL knows your passion for your community is as important as the amount you give.

Invest STL engages you as a stakeholder - an investor - directly with people working hard everyday to build and sustain strong St. Louis neighborhoods.

With Invest STL you are more than your dollar. You help choose what neighborhoods and organizations we support. And you don't stop there. You also help create a permanent fund to ensure St. Louis neighborhoods thrive now and tomorrow.

You are the asset. Get invested.

Last To Show First To Go

"On first listen, Last to Show First to Go appears to have its roots down in the landscape of heartland rock 'n' roll. Lead singer Bredon Jones' earnest, earthy vocals lie simply against a backdrop of acoustic guitar, drums and vocal harmonies, all bolstered by a double bass. Yet as each song unfolds, it's clear that Last to Show First to Go has a flair for genre-bending. From Jay Lewis' rippling cello arpeggios to Miriam Keller's jazz-infused trumpet, the band embraces a wide variety of sounds and textures. And lo and behold, they pull it off. What could easily veer into a trite modernization of the down-home Americana genre instead becomes a singular, engaging sound."

(Annie-Rose Fondaw on, December 2,2011)

Beth Bombara

Beth Bombara is a musician from St. Louis, Missouri. She's glad you're here.

Beth writes and plays her very own songs with the help of a backing band composed of several fine musicians in their own right. She sometimes performs solo with just a guitar, tambourine, and harmonica. It isn't unusual to catch her playing all three at once.

In late 2010, Beth released her debut full-length LP independently, Wish I Were You. Enthusiastic friends and fans celebrated WIWY – a blues-tinged folk rock album – with concerts, listening parties, and beers. Beth continues to write and play music all around St. Louis and occasionally in far off places.


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