Responsible Johnny (Album Release), Rude King

Responsible Johnny

Remember the feeling that you got the first time you heard Henry Rollins screaming out the lyrics to Rise Above? The first time you realized that if The Ramones could strap on guitars and take on the world, then anyone could? Responsible Johnny does.

Tired of the crap coming out of the radio, Responsible Johnny is reaching back to the past, when three chords were all you needed and being punk wasn't defined by the style of your Hot Topic studded wristbands, it was defined by the chip on your shoulder and what was in your soul. And they plan to keep those values alive until they get a major label deal, a coke habit, stripper wives, and a pony.

Rude King

Dallas, TX ska!!!

Bullet Machine

You know what moxie is, kid? Moxie is when your best friend is torn apart by creatures from the deep, and you just let him go and steer your boat right into the fight. Moxie is when space vampires blow through town, leaving everyone you love dead, and you strap on bandolier, fill it with stakes, and hit the road for a little old fashioned vengeance. Bullet Machine - full of moxie, and ready to roll.

The Fed Up's

Mat Dick-Gits/Vox Mosquito-Stix/Beers Mark Ehr--Bix/Vox Buckit-Vox

The Holophonics

The Holophonics were founded in the fall of 2012 by Eric Daino, a veteran of the early 2000s East Coast ska scene, after relocating to Denton, TX to study music at The University of North Texas. Eric joined forces with former Orange County, CA rude boy and fellow UNT student Shane Reider and recruited bastions of the Denton math rock scene Harrell Petersen, Will Huebner, and Tyler Waguespack to fill out a compact yet extremely versatile ska lineup.

The Holophonics have played extensively varied shows throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area and beyond. The core of The Holophonics' formula is one of adaptability; as a DIY ska punk band, the group has burned through small living room shows from Denton, TX to Tacoma, WA and many locations in between performing songs from their debut original full length recording "Third Wave Undead" with blazing intensity and irresistible sing-along captivation. The Holophonics continue to build a following with their nostalgic recollection of 90's Third Wave Ska and recently opened for Voodoo Glow Skulls.

But The Holophonics have another angle on ska, and as a ska/reggae cover band with an ever growing catalog of 50+ rock and pop songs, The Holophonics are able to reach even larger audiences all around the world. The MaSKArades series of cover recordings is amassing a large radio and online following, and as a cover band The Holophonics have played live music venues and bars across DFW and the west coast, including performing for thousands as a featured cover band at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Recently, The Holophonics gave a reggae cover performance in Sunset Beach, CA for Reggae For Reason, the charity organization dedicated to ending youth homelessness abroad run by Fully Fullwood, former bassist for Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Releasing 2 full length albums and a Holiday EP in just 6 months, The Holophonics have a work ethic paralleled by few other bands. Eric self records and releases all of The Holophonics' material on Holophonor Records, his independent record label and home studio. Keeping the recording process DIY allows for lower overhead costs and quicker releases. The Holophonics will start recording "MaSKArades Vol. 3", a new full length album of cover songs, in late Summer 2013.

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