SHEL, Alfonso Velez

The high-altitude town of Fort Collins, Colorado is abundant in bicycles, awash in craft beer and rich in arts of all kinds. Understanding the town's unique cultural brew begins (but only begins) to explain the novel sound of SHEL. Four sisters, raised in an atmosphere of creative freedom and diligent study, have honed their musical skills surgically sharp and blended their personalities and visions into a unified whole. They are a vocal group with outstanding instrumental capabilities and an instrumental group with a thrilling vocal attack. From their fetching, unpredictable songs to their whimsical, hand-made top hats, SHEL makes a profound impression, something they are doing to growing crowds and critical acclaim.

Sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza were born within five years of each other. Raised and home-schooled by a professional songwriter father and an artist mother, they dove into music young. Hannah was first to take classical lessons on piano. Then it was Sarah on violin, Liza on harp and Eva on mandolin. Liza switched to the drums upon discovery of her passion for polyrhythm. Then in the early 2000s, they started working up and performing songs with their father. Over time, Eva stepped forward as the lead vocalist. Andrew Holbrook with SHEL became SHEL with Andrew Holbrook—and then just SHEL.

A friend of the family made a connection with Grammy-winning producer Brent Maher, an artist development guru with a long track record of hit singles and artistic breakthroughs. Over three years of unhurried experimentation and recording, SHEL completed two EPs and grew immeasurably. Now, their most complete and thought-out work to date is here in the form of a self-titled, debut album.

Nestled within SHEL's enveloping sound, wisps of folk revival, vaudeville, renaissance fairs and steam-punk esthetic blur around one another. Allusions abound to their core influences—The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Harry Nilsson and acoustic super-group Strength In Numbers—but you've never heard this before. Tracks such as "Tuscany" borrow liberally from their classical training, yet there's nothing ponderous or unapproachable about them. "The Wise Old Owl" showcases their daring, fanciful vocal arrangements. They revel in strong dynamics, so a single song like "Stained" can grow from airy lace to a driving, white-water rush. They are richly feminine, but they don't shy from covering Led Zeppelin's "The Battle of Evermore." Above all, there's variety and creativity. Pure acoustic tone is best when it's best, but if an electric mandolin or special effect is called for, they let the song dictate the production.

SHEL has achieved many benchmarks that point to a full and fruitful career ahead. They've played public radio's Etown, Echoes, South by Southwest, Nashville's Music City Roots, Lilith Fair and numerous other distinguished festivals. In addition, they have songs in national television ad campaigns for Splenda, Glade and a song featured in CBS series, Jersey Girl. One does not have to be floating on the updraft of their blended voices to predict a bright future for SHEL.

If you've seen the Oscar-winning film Searching for Sugarman, based on the legendary musician Rodriguez, you've asked yourself: "How is it possible that he really was, a complete unknown?"

Many in publications, including The Onion's A.V. Club, The New York Times, and BMI Indie, have been asking the same question about Alfonso Velez. Despite his relative obscurity, here is a musician who's embarked on a remarkable journey; converting audiences nationally and overseas, remaining prolific, yet just out reach of the spotlight. It might very well be that Velez prefers the anonymity, allowing him to privately catalogue his experiences in cities like New York, Moscow, and Barcelona. He's been leaving the rest of us talking, and agreeing with music journalist Justin Colletti's experience at a recent performance: "Alfonso Velez is a rare and stunning find. I found myself slack-jawed, remarking aloud: 'Wow. Dude can sing.'"

"Completely Stellar! It's a wonder how Alfonso Velez has yet to break through to the masses."
- The Onion's A.V. Club

"You know, people see the name Alfonso Velez on a billboard and they come in expecting a very different sort of musician, but it's high-def songwriting, way up there with Elliott Smith and Paul Simon."
-John Schaffer, WNYC Soundcheck

"Songwriting doesn't get stronger than that."
-David G Robbins, Their Bated Breath

"His gift for poetry is clear and evident."
-Relix Magazine

"He is a world-class performer, one hell of a singer, undeniable, timeless and scary good."
-Fernando Otero, Grammy Award Winner, Nonesuch Records

"This is damn good music. People tune in, Alfonso Velez is the real deal."
-New York Music Daily

"Amazing. Whatever the reason for his relative obscurity, Velez remains astonishingly prolific"
-BMI Indie

"Alfonso Velez is a stunning and rare find. I found myself slack-jawed, remarking aloud: 'Wow. Dude can sing.' Songs here feel like real performances, unfolding stories that sound refreshingly human and open up over time."
-Justin Colletti, Music Journalist WFMU, The New York Times, Sonic Scoop

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