DESTROID draws on their combined experiences and battle-hardened skill sets, pushing musical boundaries by utilizing cutting-edge technology and otherworldly music production techniques. They are the embodiment of the live dubstep experience, a violent vision of both bass music's future and the descending path on which mankind has set itself upon. Excision and Downlink take the reigns by producing the fast-paced, gut-wrenching bass bombs in DESTROID, while KJ Sawka dominates the drums in a live setting. On their debut album, set for release early 2013, DESTROID are joined by an elite list of guest producers, including Bassnectar, Space Laces and more.

The DESTROID ethos breaks the barrier between the artist and the listener, taking fan interaction in electronic music to new heights. Fans are encouraged to join the DESTROID movement through an extensive network of multimedia channels, including social networking, viral videos, fan-submitted artwork, the Elevated Street Team and even a graphic novel. In a matter of mere months, DESTROID have turned the electronic music world upside down with their mystifying releases, including debut single "Raise Your Fist" ( ) and tracks "Wasteland" ( ) and "Crusaders" ( ).

Since launching a viral video on YouTube Halloween 2012, DESTROID has already reached thousands of fans worldwide. The mysterious DESTROID Existence Conspiracy video teases the origin of DESTROID and their sonic invasion ( ). Also available now is the first edition of the DESTROID graphic novel, which visually illustrates the story of the band. Set in the future where citizens live in a dystopian world of corrupt government rule, the graphic novel depicts the story of Christine as she allows herself to hear the subsonic signals rallying those who are ready to rise against social evil.

The concept of DESTROID was originally created in late 2009 and has been in heavy development for over three years. After Excision's sold out 2012 "X Tour," which brought 100,000 watts of sound, the revolutionary "X Vision" visual experience and hundreds of thousands of bloodthirsty bass music fans to venues all over North America, the world was finally ready for DESTROID.

To bring the prophetic sounds of DESTROID to life, Excision enlisted the talents of fellow Canadian dubstep technician Downlink to build upon their monumental collaborations. A world-class producer in his own right, Downlink has repeatedly smashed the Beatport Top 10 with his punishing style of forward-thinking bass music production. After working with nu-metal legends Korn for their The Path Of Totality album and touring with the band as an opening act for U.S. and U.K. tour dates, he has gone on to tour the world on his own and has continued to deliver some of the heaviest sounds in the scene. His quest to evolve and refine his own sound has led him to the next level, bringing DESTROID's message to the masses.

Excision and Downlink were locked into a vicious collision course with their future selves. The trajectory indicated there was another soul needed to complete the unit--another destined to share the same path. As they searched for the missing element of DESTROID, the perfect solution was found in the inhuman drummer known as KJ Sawka. After years of experience with the platinum-selling electronic rock band Pendulum, this Seattle native has been widely accepted as one of the most unique drumming talents of our time. After experiencing his rapid-fire rhythmic arsenal you may not be sure if he is man or machine due to the striking syncopated brutality of his electronic beats.

With KJ perfectly completing this trio, Excision and Downlink found themselves in need of new electronic weapons. Employing some of the most talented minds in the music hardware industry today, Excision and Downlink are now armed with custom-crafted MIDI-controlled "guitars" that command the DESTROID Live show from anywhere on the stage. DESTROID will debut their live show at a select number of renowned music festivals in 2013. Equipped with advanced, specially made armored suites--complete with smoke machines, CO2 and laser arm blasters, sophisticated LED panels and animatronics and built-in video cameras feeding live visuals--the trio is set to launch minds into the stratosphere through the power of live dubstep, delivering electronic devastation and cerebral elevation.

Elevate your existence now or be DESTROID.


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