Old Painless, Tati Rabell, Bhavana Reddy, Zaptra

Old Painless

" Drunk, angry, hobos with kid guitars and synthesizers. Acid folk and experimental rock, straight from Los Angeles.

In 2012, Aaron Arkenburg starting recording a group of his songs with his fellow band mate from the band Klum, Joe Fraley (King Devil). They brought in Vance Otter (King Devil) and Old Painless was created.

In 2013 they finished recording their first LP and Marie Ishikawa (King Devil) joined playing drums and keys."

Tati Rabell

Born in Puerto Rico and then split between NY and LA Tati Rabell combines world beats with pop, indie, jazz, folk & electronics to add to her music all her favorite influences. Filmmaker, engineer, traveler & musician, Tati pulls from her ever-changing life to make nomadic music that feels like home.

Bhavana Reddy

Singer-Songwriter/Professional Indian Kuchipudi Dancer

Bhavana Reddy's music is an interesting blend of the Indian concept of melodies and the western concept of harmony held by a string of poetry. Her melodies involuntarily chosen from the 72 parent ragas (scales) of Indian Carnatic music sung to chords/harmonies of blues/ jazz/pop/rock/folk influence create an ethereal and exotic vibe with strong emotional vocals. Described by listeners on the lines of Fiona Apple, Kimbra, Dirty Projectors and the like, Bhavana's sound is similar but with an Indian twist. Her performances are visually in sync with theatrical/story telling nature of Kuchipudi dance. As a whole Bhavana's music represents the essence of rich Indian heritage in a language known to you.

Backing her is a band of musicians hailing from diverse cultures including a drummer from Sweden, Bassist from Venezuela, Guitarist from USA.

Growing up daughter of world-renowned Kuchipudi dancing couple Padmabhushans Dr. Raja Radha Reddy in New Delhi, Bhavana started training and performing dance at an early age of 4. Bhavana learnt about the ups and downs of an artist's life very early indeed. Held in high regard by the who's who in India as the talented daughter of well-respected dancing couple, she had her first foreign tour at the age of 7 followed by many more throughout USA, South East Asia, UAE, Europe, etc.

Her life, out of the ordinary, out of step with her fellow classmates, stirred up emotions concerning her relationships with loved ones and strangers in her travels around the world. Her lyrics are examples of feelings complex yet common to us all expressed beautifully through poetry.

Currently Bhavana is scheduled to record her EP "Tangled in Emotions" with John Would. Best known for engineering Fiona Apple's 2012 Grammy Nominated Album "Idler Wheel". She is also performing at various venues in LA.

Born and raised in southern California, Zaptra chose to incorporate elements of a marine life environment in the artwork and his music to reflect the resiliency of life. Stars and nebulas glow amidst a figure that seems supernatural. It comes in a Matte UV Coating Jacket, full color. The highly anticipated third release from Zaptra is adorned with artwork designed by the wonderful Darryl Blood, www.darrylblood.com. Darryl has been the designer for all Zaptra releases and continues to represent the visuals for the Zaptra sound.

With his new release, Zaptra continues to blend the worlds of Electronic, Rock, Drum and Bass, Ambient, and Indie music to create an experience where layers of sound envelope you into an upbeat, positive, and invigorating dreamworld. You feel as though you are melting away and floating on a cloud. The lyrics also help complete this spark by touching on notions of accomplishing your dreams, "It's not too late," Zaptra sings. "You've got to be what you want to be, It's all you have, So don't look back." Make the most of each moment and enjoy it.
Visually speaking, the Zaptra show will be a blend of contemporary live digital art used as a texture to literally color the music performed by Zaptra, for a more immersive experience. The visual aesthetic will include audio-correlated projection, by Nisa Karnsomport.

As the solo producer, Zaptra pushes the boundaries of electronic music with influences ranging from Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and boards of Canada, to Bjork, Radiohead and Ulrich Schnauss. For more information and to stay updated with all things Zaptra, check out www.zaptra.com, , www.soundcloud.com/zaptra, Zaptra.bandcamp.com, and Facebook.com/ZaptraMusic



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