Oak Creek

Originally from Arizona, but in Denver since 2009, The Oak Creek Band may be releasing its "debut" but it's hardly a new project. The band compares themselves to '70s soft rock bands, but truth be told, they're more modern than they think. Simultaneously indie and folky, with poppy choruses, the band nails a very fun album, even in its most tear-provoking elements. Also amazing is the ample use of Denver musicians who guest appear on the release, from members of Yamn!, Toad King, The Congress, and Oakhurst. The transplants have obviously done a wonderful job entrenching themselves in the local scene.
Brian Johnson - Marquee Magazine


Formed in 2010 in the heat of the Arizona desert, Murrieta is comprised of six friends who love to write music. With each member claiming a wide range of tastes and influence, the band tactfully creates a sound unique to its own.

Angelica Rockne


Andrew Waterhouse- ukulele
Steven Totten- charango
Barry Hazen- violin
Greg Bennett- guitarra
Steven Potter- accordion
Cory Gassner- percussion
Andrew Pickering- piano
Isaac Porky- Bass

$8.00 - $10.00


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