MINORity Party, South Side Punx, Drone, HU/LK

MINORity Party

Minority Party is an in-yer-face street punk band that'll make you wanna put yer 40 in the air and run in circles.

South Side Punx

No Bullshit Queen City, East coast punk rock. We have played with The Vibrators, The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Street Dogs, The Briefs, Dead Pets, Clit 45, River City Rebels, Brain Failure, Go Betty Go, Left Alone, NAKED AGGRESSION, Retching Red, the Independents, Straight Jacket, Buck Mountain Stranglers, Hectagons!, Boolow, Studio Gangsters, 25 Minutes To Go, the Low Budgets etc. Our goal is to make horrible noize and start a war.


It sounds like...awesome hitting your ears. Ska/Rock/progressive. We're the music you like when you don't even like everyone else around you.

What might be the most powerful band to ever rise out of Charlotte, NC, HU/LK is the culmination of 4 good friends taking a few minutes away from pounding beers to write and play some songs.



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