Deadman Flats

Hailing from the great state of Kansas, Deadman Flats hits you hard with a finger-bleeding, head-banging, neck-breaking dose of what can be described as the definition of "Redneckery". With their first album "Antlers" and a second one in the works, DMF can be seen at Americas best bars, brothels and speakeasies amidst a haze of sweat and cheap beer, or as we like to call it, fuel.

The Calamity Cubes

The Calamity Cubes! are a Kansas thrashicana band featuring guitar, banjo, and upright bass. They sing about love, drinking and murder, themes not unlike those found in the Bible.

Loaded Goat

oaded Goat is a mad mash of bluegrass, old-time, honky-tonk music. To activate: Flick a little moonshine in it's face and get ready for some banjo for your ear-holes. Playing a predominantly original catalog of heartbreak and headache, Loaded Goat will occasionally surprise with the surprising cover song. Loaded Goat is great for bars, campfire jams, weddings, cowboy saloon shootouts, Rural Grit Happy Hour, and more, more, more.

Betse Ellis

Renowned fiddler, Betse Ellis, founding member of Kansas City band The Wilders, is striking out on her own while the band takes a well-deserved break. She's been singing with the fiddle during Wilders shows, taking center stage for solo performances mid-set –Betse now establishes herself as a solo artist. She gathers diverse music and presents it with humor, intensity, and love. She has also convinced many an audience to join her in songs they may have never heard. Above all, Betse connects with the audience while performing "old time/new time" material, drawing from traditional American (mostly Ozark) fiddle tunes, old songs and spirituals, her own tunes and songs, and finally, a dose of what she calls her "personal old-time music". This is the music Betse grew up hearing, and it may draw from avant-garde artists like Talking Heads, punk pioneers The Clash, or even earlier art music composers like Gabriel-Marie.

Two fiddles – one in standard tuning, the other in cross-tuning – and a voice is usually all Betse needs to entertain an audience. Every once in a while, she picks up a tenor guitar, and sometimes, she puts all instruments down to sing a capella. Even all alone on a stage, Betse brings the sound of previous fiddlers, singers, and composers together with her unique, engaging style.

The Kansas City Bear Fighters

Founded in the cruel winter of 2007, The Kansas City Bear Fighters first took shape as one lonely man's homage to music as a salve for the soul. Originally, the group performed under the nom de plume "The Denver Broncos" which many considered to be the product of one man's struggling and genius search for a fire that could crack the deep cavernous walls of his soul.

The John Brown Boys

We are an acoustic garage band raised on bluegrass, rock and roll, country, honky-tonk and old country blues. Corey and I have been friends since kindergarten and we met Martin through our buddy Caleb who would invite us over to jam in Martin's Garage on the infamous Eby Lane.

Wells The Traveler

Wells the Traveler bring together the tough edge of Northern English rock and the soul of American folk. In songs packed with emotion and melody, Manchester born Danny McGaw, draws from the experiences of a long personal journey. A pro-soccer player turned street singer, Danny honed his skills on the sidewalks of Santa Monica, before finding his way to Kansas City, where he quickly established a reputation as a singer and songwriter of rare intensity.

Cadillac Flambe

Kansas City blues, country, bluegrass.

Fast Food Junkies

The Fast Food Junkies, from McPherson, Kansas, have shared an incredible chemistry since the Fall of 2004, when they first formed. In this short amount of time, they have played around 75 shows in Kansas and put out one album: 'Grumpyland'. Clint Snyder, Dave Crawford, and Landon Unruh have all come from heavy metal backgrounds to embrace a new movement: progressive bluegrass.

Landon, the incredibly speedy banjo picker, was formerly an electric guitarist while his childhood friend, Dave, played the drums with him in a metal band called 'Cyler'. About 7 years ago, Landon picked up the banjo which prompted Dave to thump out his rhythms on an upright bass. As Landon and Dave jammed on the dirt roads of the Walnut Valley Festival a couple of years ago, they met Clint, another passionate musician who tied everything together with his strong vocals, guitar playing and epic songwriting. Together, they merged into a metal-based, driving bluegrass sound with hints of country, rock, folk and definetely humor.

Fast Food Junkies have 35 original songs so far, ranging from ballads of moonshine feuds and Irish immigration to comic accounts of warped loves and the McDonald's drive thru. One song inparticular, 'To the Pimp', takes Landon's life-theatening accident and makes it a story of heroism and sacrifice. In July of 2005, Landon caught on fire working on an old derby car. Thankfully, his father was there to put the gasoline fire out with his own bare hands. They were both badly burned and Landon wondered if he would ever be able to play the banjo the same way as before. After weeks of excruciating pain from 3rd degree burns on his belly and 2nd degree burns on his arms and hands, he slowly picked the banjo with his bandaged fingers. Within a month, he was playing better than he ever. It seems the spirit of this band is only made stonger. Some of the band's favorite past gigs are Stage 5 at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, The Bottleneck and The Granada both in Lawrence, KS, and their hometown gig at Shaggy's. The band has just finished recording their second album with the bluegrass sensation Mike West. They are also collaborating with the Tulsa based bluegrass band, PoDank, for another album. The band's favorite influences are Alice In Chains, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mike West, Primus, and Hank Williams, Jr. One thing's for sure, good original music is the Fast Food Junkies' passion and you can hear it when they play.

Famous Seamus & The Travel Bongs

3 Man band out of Kansas City Missouri, bringing you our style of original bluesy folk and bluegrass sound as well as traditional and popular cover songs.

Whiskey for the Lady

Foot stompin' metalgrass designed to melt your face.

Whiskey for the Lady is comprised of five diverse musicians that landed in the same spot at the right time. Inspired by the music of yesteryear and the resurgence of the genre, their brand of bluegrass will make you laugh, cry, and definitely shake your moneymaker! With a mix of funky original compositions and uniquely arranged cover tunes, they aim to put a smile on your face by covering each and every base. A foot stompin’ good time guaranteed!

Kasey Rausch and Friends

Americana/Bluegrass/Honky Tonk/Country/Folk music and an occasional independent film or two...

$12.00 - $15.00


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