The Carbonari, Sun Brother, Fever Hymns, The Kodiak Brotherhood

The Carbonari

We are the Carbonari. Our name is borrowed from a secret society of revolutionaries that took great risk in the pursuit of freedom, liberty, and equality. Like them we endeavor to be brave, compassionate, and righteous, in our music and through the development of our characters. As individuals we have each felt a calling to play music, and we hope through our works together to create something constructive and beneficial for those amongst us who love peace, truth, and justice. Thank you for taking an interest in us, and I hope that you will accompany us in our journey forward. - Adam Vaagen

Sun Brother

It's always sunny in Peoria sometimes. Bro.

Fever Hymns

Open your hymnals and settle in with us.

The Kodiak Brotherhood

Alternative Country from the piedmont of N.C.

$5.00 - $7.00


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