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Jeff Coffin & the Mu'Tet


The Mu’tet is led by Jeff Coffin, saxophonist from Dave Matthews Band. Also a composer, educator and 3x Grammy-winner, you likely also know Jeff from his 14 years with the genre-defying Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (1997-2010).

The Mu’tet’s recent studio recording, “Into The Air”, reached the top 40 on the JazzWeek Chart and was named #22 on JazzTimes’ Top 50 Albums of 2012. It also debuted at #6 on the iTunes Jazz Charts!

The Mu’tet takes its name from the word ‘mutation’, clearly reflecting Jeff’s idea that music must continue to change and mutate in order to grow.

Coffin strives to expand himself, his band mates and listeners, with music flavored by his wide musical interests. Drawing from the deep wells of African, New Orleans, Indian, fund, jazz, folk, Gypsy, rock, fusion, Brazilian and other styles of music, Coffin sends shockwaves down people’s spines with his fierce soloing and inspiring, memorable compositions. A passionate and curious musician, Coffin is known to use guitar effects on his sax, which he calls ‘electro-sax’ as well as sometimes playing two, count ‘em, two, saxes at the same time!

The Mu’tet features an all-star group of musicians:

FELIX PASTORIUS: electric bass (Yellowjackets/son of bass legend Jaco Pastorius)

BILL FANNING: trumpet & space trumpet (George Garzone/Maria Schneider/George Russell)

CHRIS ‘the Pianimator’ WALTERS: keys (JD Souther)


ROY “FUTUREMAN” WOOTEN: drums (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones/5x Grammy-winner)

been mu’tated…lately?

“Any band that jams like this has earned an exclamation point in the title of its live album…equal parts Galactic and Dirty Dozen Brass Band…(Coffin) enters like a spinning top, corkscrewing his phrases into a tightly wound circle that turns into a cyclone.” – Jazz Times

“These players are peaking around corners and lifting up rocks to see what they find, and they’re stretching out wide to push boundaries…twisting the mind like a metaphysical puzzle.” – http://www.hittinthenote.com/

“Brilliant transient transcendence. Yes it’s good. It’s very good…wicked nasty. I couldn’t sleep. I had several epiphanies.” – Fredericksburg Patch

“Some of the best fusion heard in many a year.” –


The People's Key

In these great times we live in today, we as a collective whole have the opportunity to access more styles of music than we ever have been able to at any other time/space in Earth's epic history. Music is a personal journey/experience and each person holds a unique perspective of what good music might sound like. It is the vision of The People's Key to conceptualize the timeless art form that is jazz music in a way that the average listener can relate to by playing a wide variety of popular songs/styles from modern times in a jazz format that invites the listener to actively listen and participate.

Combining the happy swinging feel of the Kansas City Jazz scene with the hard, soulful, groove of St. Louis Funk/Soul/Rhythm&Blues, The People's Key blends the best of the two Midwestern styles into one coherent sound. Led by organ player Ryan Marquez, The People's Key swings in the traditional style of the jazz medium but provides the listener with the opportunity to ride along inside of the jazz vehicle with them as they relive sounds from yesteryear by sporting a songbook with newer tunes from modern times. The People's Key covers an assortment of styles/artists to deliver the listener a classic-vintage organ sound with a fresh, new twist. Whether a longtime lover/listener of jazz organ or a new friend to jazz in general, there are songs in the set for all ages/levels of ears to enjoy.

The band builds its repertoire out of artists/songs that the average listener will most likely have familiarity with. This creates a positive experience for the artist and the listener by encouraging active listening as well as crowd participation. The People's Key performs popular songs from the Pop/Rock(all styles)/R and B/Motown/and even Indie genres, presenting the melodies in the traditional format of a jazz combo then exploring the harmonies through improvisation. Artists covered include: Green Day, Radiohead, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Miike Snow, Mumford and Sons, Franz Ferdinand, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and more.

The band is excellent for all occasions and settings. Being able to adapt to the culture of the event they are performing at is something The People's Key prides themselves in. Continually updating their setlist with new tunes or themes, The People's Key works hard to provide the listener a very accessible and enjoyable musical experience. An experience that is sure to have them tapping their foot, singing a melody and leaving with a smile. With over 20 years of experience performing music The People's Key has the background experiences necessary to make any event a success.

Setting the foundation of the groove with his left hand while simultaneously harmonizing and melodizing a list of "new" standards in his right, Organist Ryan Marquez provides the basis for exploration through these newfound 'classics'. Singing the melody on his Tenor Saxophone, Charles Cerpa articulates his soulful Midwestern sound to bring these popular melodies to fruition throughout the set. Solidifying the groove with stylistic integrity and effortlessly steering the band through time, Drummer Michael Murano adds the dynamic contrast necessary to put it all together. From this core, The People's Key also offers the option to add a guitar player and/or vocalist.

Together, The People's Key unlocks the mysticism of the jazz tradition for the listener by swinging the music people know and love.

Listen. Remember. Love



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