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Await Rescue will give you a break from whatever you are listening to. They aren’t over-produced pop and don’t play into the current retro crazes overtaking music, nor can they stand unable-to-be-stomached modern “Rock” sound that has embarrassed the genre they love so much. Instead, the sounds on Await Rescue’s “Everyone You Know“ EP can best be described as the stadium-sized hooks and songwriting sensibilities of Foo Fighters meet the aggression and raw energy of Every Time I Die.

The Boston-based band’s path was chosen back in 2006, and to date, Await Rescue has released four albums, toured the East Coast, sold out shows at The Middle East Nightclub, Bill’s Bar, and The Magic Room, had the song "Stars and Suns" retired from 100.7 FM WZLX after it was voted into the Boston Emissions Top 5 for 11 consecutive weeks (March – June 2013), and landed feature placements of “Fool My Eyes” and “Clipped Wings” in multiple episodes of the TV show “NY Ink.”

Await Rescue is currently supporting “Everyone You Know” (released April 2013), and they could tell you about all the effort, sweat, late nights/early mornings, beers, facial hair, and moments of almost passing out in an old, spider-infested 100-degree warehouse that went into making Everyone You Know, but the record deserves more than that. The album’s beginnings were born at the band’s lowest point when they were ensnared in a never-ending bassist search that stretched out over 8 months, and although “Everyone You Know” is the EP’s anthemic title track, “Thanks, But No Thanks” was the song that kept Johnny, Drew, and Matt moving forward even when no bass prospects were the horizon and set the tone for the songs that followed. “Thanks, But No Thanks” speaks to how the members could have given up on Await Rescue to pursue other musical opportunities but which they declined out of hand for a love of doing what they do together as a unit and the firm belief that no one else is making the aggressive Rock music anymore like the tracks they have crafted and road-tested over the last year. It was also the first track finalized with bassist Corey Fyfe in tow that galvanized the direction of the rest of the EP: pure, raw, Rock with no agenda except to explode out of the speakers. With the tone set, producer Brian Packer ratcheted up the “F-you” attitude that permeates the record and helped craft the songs so that each contains a sweet spot that pays off for the listener. While 5 out of the 6 tracks on the EP attack like a rabid coyote ready to lash out at anything that moves, “All She Needs” charts new territory for Await Rescue as it starts off delicately and slowly ramps up until it lifts off the ground like a 747 taking flight, showcasing an entirely new side of the band in the process.

The aggression and apprehension that built up in the band as they felt they were being passed by and potentially forgotten about is easy to hear in each of the tracks on Everyone You Know because those feelings were palpable as they cut the album live in the same room together. All four members now feel a pressure to make up for lost time and to prove themselves in the oversaturated and hyper pressurized music scene, and in that spirit, Await Rescue will load up the trailer, make sure it’s locked, and take these songs to any sweaty venue willing to have them. God bless Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Streight Angular


MATALON is a Boston-based hard rock POWER TRIO who's been beating down crowds with their ass-kicking neo-classic rock 'n roll since May of 2009 - big thick guitar riffs, heavy-ass bass and drums, great lyrics, strong vocals and ripping, wailing lead guitar - it ain't metal, it ain't punk, it ain't grunge - its modern HARD ROCK with a Huge classic rock influence and we fucking love what were doing. We'd rather be dead than doing anything else.

MATALON is fronted by Scott Matalon with his brother Craig Matalon on drums, Chris Eskola, the brotha from anotha motha, on the bass. The Matalon brothers have a long history in hard rock; Scott fronted Boston funk/punk sensations SQUID! and was a member of Jazz/Hard-Rock pioneer Modern Art! and has worked for Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, Phish, Capital Records, EMI, Blue Note Records and more - his brother Craig was a member of NY hardcore band Perseverance, who toured opening for Biohazard and rocked the US and Canada many times. Both Scott and Craig More recently were half of the group Daisycutter, which eventually evolved into what is now known as MATALON. Chris has played in a number of local acts, Including deadlikedeath the Newtz, Pivot, and Choke Puppy, and is currently also doing double duty with Face of the Sun. Until recently, Scott, Craig, made up half of the local rock band, Monolith. With the addition of Chris, the group decided that a new era was beginning, and Matalon was born.

We've been workind our asses off laying down tracks for a new recording and we'll keep updating you all with new tracks as they are done, and posting roughs and more for ya!



8pm Doors / 21+ w/Valid ID Only

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