Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead tribute) & Control for Smilers (Phish tribute)

Splintered Sunlight (Grateful Dead Tribute)

Splintered Sunlight formed in 1992. "Splintered" quickly became the most popular Grateful Dead Tribute band in the Philadelphia area gaining praise from Dead Heads and Non Heads alike. Since that time, Splintered Sunlight has become a permanent fixture for music in the Mid Atlantic regiong. The band has also maintained a weekly residency at Brownies 23 East in Ardmore, PA for years.

Control For Smilers (A Phish Tribute)

Control for Smilers is Philly’s premier Phish tribute band, serving up an eclectic mix of driving rock and funk grooves to audiences in the tri-state area. Matt Agostini (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Elberson (Percussion/Vocals) lay down dance-friendly, funk-heavy grooves as Henry McGuigan (Guitars/Vocals) prays at the altar of Trey Anastasio’s signature guitar tone, all the while bringing his own hard rock edge to each jam. Brad Lukach (Keyboards/Vocals) seasons each tune by channeling his own interpretation of Page McConnell’s famous sounds and techniques. When the lights go down and the first note is struck, Control for Smilers fills dance floors with Phish fans and non-Phish fans alike.

$9 - $12


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