The LoveHowl, MJ Mc Goff & Sixty 90's, DJRS, Boy Girl Party

The LoveHowl

The LoveHowl is a Brooklyn based band bringing back the soul in Rock n Roll. A project which developed from singer-songwriter Amy Sheehan's solo material the group has morphed into a gutsy rock act. NY native drummer Jonathan Vergara joined Amy and lead guitar player Alex Sherba on the recording of Sheehan's pop-rock EP Insane Concoction in 2010. Bassist/violinist Jonah Durning-Hammond joined the band following his move from the Delta in 2012. The particular combo of the friendly foursome has proven to produce just the right combination of dirty blues licks, occasional pop hooks and a taste of 70s rock reminiscent of Big Brother and the Holding Company. They are not afraid of Motown inspired ballads or worshipping Purple Rain (or Haze for that matter). Half of their hearts are living in a time capsule but it sure makes for something delicious.

MJ Mc Goff & Sixty 90's

Sixty 90's are the brainchild of Michael James McGoff, long steeped in the many decades and styles of rock since ever since he was a teenager. Joining forces with drummer Jeff Santana in 2009, the band performed originally as a two piece in the New York City area. Joe Capriglione and Spencer Lee Gallop, bass and lead guitar respectively, rounded out the band in 2010.

Sixty 90's are known for putting on an electric and energetic performance, high octane vocals soaring above a steady and solid rock groove. Each song exists in its own style and universe, and the band is known for commanding a varied and colorful performance. They are currently working on their debut album, which is expected in Spring of 2014.

Boy Girl Party

Brooklyn-based Boy Girl Party has a little chip on their shoulder, but a few minutes on the dance floor shakes it off.

Sweet 3-part harmonies unfold over pop melodies; sassy shout choruses punch & crackle out of gritty-but-clean power chords; quirky & salty lyrics pepper radio-ready hooks, and a tinge of aggression pops up every now and then.

Formed in May of 2011, their debut EP, DEAR DEAR, was recorded at Galuminum Foil Studios in November 2011 and is due in spring of 2012

$8.00 - $10.00


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