Organs (Early Show)

Kickin' around the underground with style and aggression, Brooklyn's Organs have described their sound as "Hank Williams fucking Little Richard while listening to The Stooges". With a slew of 7"'s and their debut album Headin' For The Door on just about every boutique garage label in New York City, these boys have been developing their sound on wax since 2010.

"Stripped to the bare bones and carried deep into the swamps of Brooklyn with a primal thud and a nifty mouth organ." - Maximum Rock'N'Roll

"Their Get It Right E.P. is a declaration of war- I would travel 100 miles to see them play live." - Rumour Magazine, Italy

"Organs are from NYC, their side sounds like it was recorded in a moving car on the way to quit their jobs." - Vice Magazine

"Chillemi's voice is a cross between Johnny Thunders, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and a touch of hillbilly yelp. This is definitely a band to watch." - Bananas Magazine


West Philly scum.



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