Rewind Bowl: Back to the 80s!

THE RONALD REAGANS (Totally Radical Awesome 80's Tribute)

Are you ready to go BACK TO THE EIGHTIES?!? From the BIG HAIR to the BODACIOUS outfits, The Ronald Reagans 80's Tribute resurrect the most "totally awesome" decade ever... the 1980's! If you heard it in the 80's, you'll hear it from the Reagans. Whether it's pop, rock, soul, or hip-hop, the Reagans know how to fill the dance floor with your favorite 80's classics!

DJ Robert Lux (spinning before & after Daft Phunk)

DJ. Producer. Trying 2 put more love in the world 1 ass-shaking groove at a time. Brooklyn, NY.

Robert Lux (aka Robert Lester) came to Brooklyn, NY from Ann Arbor, MI. As a DJ, he is known for pulling together dance music styles that are accessible and experimental, classic and contemporary, always fresh, always funky. Having now played in many of NYC's premiere nightlife spots (Hudson Terrace, Hiro Ballroom, Cellar Bar) and major national festival stages (Lollapalooza, SummerCamp, Rombello Cruise), there is no crowd that cant be rocked by Robert Lux. Drawing from his experiences as a performer, songwriter, and producer with electro-pop band Ella Riot as well as a solo producer of electronica and house music, his DJ sets are always on point, thought-provoking and progressive; they are positively uplifting.

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Tickets available at the door. CASH ONLY

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