Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton

Taking the spotlight with 2002's platinum selling "Be Not Nobody," Vanessa Carlton has been a voice to watch from day one. Her music has progressed in stride with her career, becoming increasingly introspective. 2011's Rabbits on the Run is a candid tour de force. It's content invokes literary influences from "Watership Down" to Stephen Hawkings "Brief History Of Time," and it's context gives us an artist at her best and most human. With Rabbits on the Run, Vanessa is taking her process back to the arts and crafts vibe of her early writing days.

Since writing her first song at the age of eight, she has experienced a variety of creative fits and starts. Top of her class at the School of American Ballet, she left dance to pursue a more free career in music. Her discovery in a songwriters circle led to a deal with A&M records. "Be Not Nobody" cracked the top ten and it's star single, "A Thousand Miles," made her a household name. Not one to be pigeonholed, her next record "Harmonium" took a darker tone. Her next release, "Heroes and Thieves" followed suit, taking her into more introspective territory than "Be Not Nobody." "Rabbits on the Run" fully embraces her spectral side, packed full of brooding and cinematic gems.

Birdcloud met in Murfreesboro and immediately didn't like eachother. At a party in 2009 they had some whiskeys and became friends and started dicking around on guitar, writing their first song, a song about going down on your best friend, now lost to the sands of time. Despite a lukewarm reception at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, they have been sitting on eachother's faces ever since, showing eachother their bruises and generally doing whatever they want when it works out that way.

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