Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy were one of the seemingly thousands of ska-punk bands that dominated the post-grunge mainstream modern-rock scene of the late '90s. The group -- comprised of Reese Roper (vocals), Micah Ortega (guitar), Scott Kerr (guitar, backing vocals), Keith Hoerig (bass), Andrew Verdecchio (drums), Dannis Culp (trombone, backing vocals), Leanor "Jeff" Ortega (saxophone) and Nathanel "Brad" Dunham (trumpet) -- formed in Denver during the mid-'90s. After a few years of constant gigging, the band attracted a strong regional following and their 1996 debut album, Upbeats and Beatdowns, became a local hit. The record led to major label interest, and the band signed with the Warner subsidiary SaraBellum in 1997. SaraBellum reissued Upbeats & Beatdowns in the spring, paving the way for the November release of Our Newest Album Ever!, the band's second album. The live Proof That the Youth Are Revolting followed in 1999, and a year later Five Iron Frenzy returned with the studio album All the Hype That Money Can Buy.

Suburban Legends

Out of the cultural holocaust of Orange County comes the superhero-like brilliance of Suburban Legends. Six recklessly handsome boys have devoted their lives to creating a glorious variety pack of ska music, all for your enjoyment. So put down those antidepressants and forget what's waiting on TIVO because it's time to enjoy a rocking good adrenaline rush.

Rebel Revive

Matthew Lindblad wasn’t literally born with a guitar in his hand, but he did come about as close you can get to being brought into the world that way. As a baby, he would see his father playing guitar and crawl over to him in order to try and pluck the strings. Though he couldn’t have imagined it at the time, Lindblad would end up spending countless hours plucking the strings of a guitar, beating on drums, singing, songwriting, and turning himself into a one-man band. Now, that one-man band has a name all its own: Rebel Revive, with a driving goal to bring its music and its message to listeners everywhere.

With a style and passion forged from an eleven year pop, rock, and punk music apprenticeship, Rebel Revive songs bleed honesty and hope. RR has all the force of a four man band rolled into one person with Lindblad performing on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals in the studio, and joined by friends for live performances.

Debut album "XI" (Eleven), was recorded along with the help of producer Colby Wedgeworth, who has also worked with groups such as The Maine, Lydia, and This Century. Fresh off his experience on The Vans Warped Tour, and with the lead up to the release, Lindblad is taking full advantage of social media, keeping fans updated via the Rebel Revive Twitter feed and uploading numerous videos to the band’s official Facebook. One of them is the official music video for “The Voices,".
XI promises to give listeners an experience that comes from 11 years of musical growth and passion; one that will rock them to their cores, while spreading a message that people can unite behind.

Lindblad is seriously dedicated to Rebel Revive; that dedication, that passion, doesn’t just fuel his music, it radiates off of it. Rebel Revive is honest, passionate music, which delivers hope to a disorderly world.

Code Name: Rocky

From the ashes of several notable bands of that era, such as Low Pressure,
Channel 6, and Grovers, OC punk-ska heroes, Codename: Rocky first
began in a garage in Pico Rivera as a side project for Daniel Torres, singer
and guitarist, and Ivan Ibarra, saxophone. With the addition of Matt
Fitzgerald, bass player and former band mate of Daniel’s; Rich Iwason,
trumpet, Bill Adams, trumpet; and their first drummer Scott, they began to
play shows around the area. And it wasn’t long before kids started to take
notice of their high-energy punk-inspired performances.

Shortly before they recorded their debut album No Time to Waste,
Codename: Rocky completed their line-up with Drew Baker, drums, and
Mikey Hamada, bass trombone. With the release of that record, the band
found themselves constantly playing countless clubs, touring with some of
the best bands in the scene, shot a music video for their hit song “My Boss
Sucks” and even performed a song on the Game Show Network’s “The
Gong Show”.

In early 2001, Codename: Rocky released Infinity, the much-anticipated
follow up EP to their popular debut, on Glue Factory Records. Codename:
Rocky continued to tour and support the record until they parted ways in

Flash Forward to the Orange County Ska scene. 2012:

A little less than nine years later, inspired by a reunion show with their
friends, Codename: Rocky has picked up exactly where they left off and
are back in full force, releasing their first new song since their demise. And
while they will be playing all the shows they can in the meantime, the
band is working tirelessly on material for a new album, which they plan to
record by the end of 2013.

Keep your eyes and ears open. It’s time for something new after all those



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