The band was unintentionally founded by El Segundo natives Joo-Joo Ashworth (guitar, vocals) and Jeff Fribourg (omnichord), who each graduated from El Segundo High School in 2012 and 2008, respectively.

"Frothing at the gash" is a crude Australian idiom which combines the phrase "frothing at the mouth" with a slang term for vagina: gash, typically referring to a woman who is eager to have sex.

Let the giggles abound, but Froth's music is just as good and nasty as its vulgar roots. They're blending a delicious combination of '60s garage, psych, surf, low-fi, and shoegaze drenched in Ashworth's exaggerated lyrical compositions bathed in washed out, heady vocals. Maybe some Country Joe & the Fish, Creation, and general '60s nuggets from the old school, mixed with some Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, and Entrance Band from the newer school. It's a neo-psychedelic sound quite popular in parts of Europe currently, as well as throughout Los Angeles – which is where Froth has taken it. They're presently based in Echo Park.

Dante Elephante

Dante Elephante is an indie surf pop quartet from Santa Barbara, California. The band just released their first EP, German Aquatics.

Tropical Popsicle

Tropical Popsicle is the brianchild of Tim Hines. Although seemingly brand new, the project began roughly two years ago as an avenue for the darker structures and soundscapes he was beginning to experiment with. The result is a beast unto itself; think beach boys on bath salts. Trop Pop's current form consists of Hines and 3 other miscreants that share their time in other notable local acts. These guys personify community but thrive on originality. Though the band is still embryonic, they have already began to make waves locally by releasing two 7 inches on San Diego's Volar Records and supporting well-established acts the likes of Beach Fossils, The Fresh & Only's, Times New Viking, White Fence & More.

"A cross somewhere between Syd Barret and Suicide"

So Many Wizards

What makes So Many Wizards a band to watch is its off-kilter sense of melody and song structure. Lead single “Inner City” has a caffeinated, pogo-stick verse melody catchier than most bands’ sharpest choruses; the trippy, inward gem “Best Friends” unwinds deceptively sophisticated chord changes while Kazerouni demonstrates his sweetest falsetto—it’s a heartfelt plea for an idyllic romance, as innocently sweet as a second grader’s Crayola-penned birthday card (“I don’t care what we do / Don’t care, as long as there’s a park and then a bench for two / I don’t care what we do / And as long as we can sit”).




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