Teacup Gorilla

Teacup Gorilla

We've been fighting/playing together for over 10yrs, in bands ranging from folk-rock to apocalyptic blues-rock and math-punk. Now we're making our own way, exploring the boundaries between music, poetry, theatre, and visual arts.


Nikol Werner has been a solo artist throughout most of college until she met Zack Dare, who is in numerous bands across the Denver metro area. Nikol is still writing and performing on her own but when you put the two together (Nikol&Zack) make a dynamic team, with poppy hooks, haunting harmonies and real music without the plastic attached.

Blame Gravity

We're a Denver-based band ready to break into the Indie music scene. In addition to our passion for music, we also have a deep love of humanity, no matter what your walk of life, culture, past, present, future, or religion - or lack thereof. We've learned so much from other cultures and people from around the world.

Above all, it's become apparent that music is the great equalizer. Forget genres, however unavoidable. An open mind can bring anyone together, but especially musicians. Because whether you rap, sing folk, dance hip hop, or rock out, we all have that same musical passion in common. We all know how to count time and feel the rhythm. Music, like an open mind, makes us all grow as people.

So explore the Earth; you'll never see all of its wonders. Life is full of problems, but it is also as amazing as it is brief and we should only worry about what we can control.

Bottom line: When you come to our shows or listen to our songs, we want you to leave those experiences feeling a little bit better about yourself, life in general, and humanity.

And never forget the words of Mr. Einstein: You can't Blame Gravity for falling in love.

Lindsey Saunders Band

Lindsey Saunders has been writing and performing her own music since she was 12 years old. She released her debut EP “Nothing Normal” at the age of 18 with Drew Sherrod at Broadstroke Records/Non-Linear Productions located in Hollywood C.A. Drew and Lindsey met at the Durango Songwriters Expo in 2011 at the suggestion of Expo showcase artists, managers and staff. Her association with Broadstroke Records has enabled collaboration with notable artists such as Lisa Harriton (Smashing Pumpkins), Jason Ganberg, Gayle Day, Ido Sasson andAlex Balderston.

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