Kill the Precedent

Sacramento septet Kill The Precedent deliver a whole new breed of chaos on their first full-length album for Minus HEAD Records, Dialogues with the Dead. These seven men have made quite the name for themselves with their "zombie beach party" and "cops and robbers" themed live shows. Musically, they forge a metallic assault and hardcore energy to a staggering industrial backbone. Get ready for the revolution. Get ready for Kill The Precedent.

Judgement Day

What began as a two-piece street act on the corners of Berkeley and San Francisco with brothers Anton (violin) and Lewis Patzner (cello) quickly became an experimental powerhouse with the addition of hard-hitting drummer Jon Bush. They named themselves Judgement Day, styled with a medieval spelling to reflect the dark, epic nature of their "string metal" sound, which might best be described as "sci-fi soundtrack meets metal-mania." Over the course of their career, Judgement Day have toured with buzz bands like Mates of State, Black Kids, dredg and Torche, and been featured guests on the records of heavyweights from Slash to Taking Back Sunday.

After the release of their debut record Dark Opus in 2004, Judgement Day went on a four-year hiatus as the brothers encountered two great opportunities that led them on separate paths. Lewis was accepted to the prestigious Peabody Institute, a conservatory where he studied performance technique, perfection and advanced music theory. Anton was recruited to join indie-folk outfit Bright Eyes and learned about improvisation, collaboration, vintage effects pedals and the value of a good stage dive.

Upon their return to the Bay Area, Anton, Lewis and their metal-head drummer Jon were faced with a gargantuan task: to write a new Judgement Day record incorporating all of their fresh, contrasting musical philosophies. Peacocks/Pink Monsters is the result of their efforts; a self-produced record born as much from experimentation and emotion as it is from academics and technical prowess. Recorded at Nu-Tone Studios in Pittsburg, CA with Riki Feldmann and mixed in Iceland by Axel "Flex" Árnason, Peacocks/Pink Monsters is Judgement Day's second full-length album, releasing independently on April 13, 2010.

Each member of Judgement Day brings a distinct element to the band's sound – Lewis's love of instrumental technique and compositional complexity, Anton's passion for experimentation and production, and Jon's knack for mathematics, as well as his testosterone-driven, tough drumming style. The result is a well-oiled, avant-garde string metal machine. The album's opening track, "Cobra Strike," is an in-your-face ADHD metal avalanche that never lets up. Its relentless arpeggios and time changes showcase each musician's technical brilliance while maintaining the band's tight sound structure. "Klagenstuck" is another face-melting shredder, with non-stop machine gun drums and lightning-quick string riffs that sound like the devil's own.

One of Judgement Day's goals with this record was to take risks and push beyond the boundaries of their instruments. At the end of every day in the studio, the band hit 'record' and improvised to develop new ideas. "Improvisation," an uncut improvised track, begins as a windswept exploration of sound and mood that slowly builds until it lets loose at an explosive peak. The core of "The Constant" arose from another of these improvisation sessions. Anton drew from his experience as a film composer (his day job) to deepen the track with lush orchestral strings and a wash of hazy sound effects. The band also experimented heavily with synthesizer pedals, phasers, backwards delays and ring modulators on this record, venturing into exciting uncharted territory for violins and cellos. The final track on Peacocks/Pink Monsters, "Genosha," captures all of the key elements of the Judgement Day sound: driving rhythms, compelling melodies, taut improvisation and rich layers of sound and textures.

Not only does every song on Peacocks/Pink Monsters incorporate improvisation, but the album artwork does as well. Three very different artists – Emilee Seymour, Ryan Noble and Shawn Harris – collaborated and painted without rules for two hours on a canvas to create a work of art with no predetermined vision. The title of the record is the band's interpretation of that final painting. Peacocks/Pink Monsters, inside and out, is a celebration of artistic spontaneity, collaboration and many unique visions.

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