Charlie Mars

Charlie Mars

“I love the rare feeling of people in a room being connected without having to share any ideology or belief system or style or walk of life or class or anything – where they can all just melt in to something magical,” says Charlie Mars. “I want to explore sonically what that is.”

Those keeping score will mark this as Charlie Mars’ fifth album, but upon first listen, Like A Bird, Like A Plane can best be described as a new debut.

Over 11 songs, Mars hits a groove that does not signify any specific genre but instead is hardwired to hearts and hips. This is an album that writhes through the headphones, which will ultimately be tossed in favor of a living room dance floor. Mars has sewn together tightly crafted songs with moods and melodies that pulse with sex, wonderment, and personal destruction – all themes that may clash on paper but in music suggest mysteries that are organic to us all.

Andriana Lehr

Saint Paul based singer/songwriter Andriana Lehr has been playing locally, albeit sparingly for the last 8 years. Andriana relocated to the Twin Cities from South Dakota in 2004 to study voice at the University of Minnesota School of Music. A self-proclaimed “opera school drop-out,” she has spent subsequent years working, learning, and soul-searching only to come back around to pursuing music as a primary vocation. After spending the last few years focusing on music, Andriana’s musicianship and vocal prowess have blossomed, and her live performances are filled with grit, honesty, and an impressive, informed vocal range and sensitivity.

Andriana released her debut album, “Try to be True” in October of 2013 after recording at Walden Studios in Beverly Hills, CA, in 2010-2011. Songs not to miss are “Lost the Map,” “Wish You Well,” and title track, “Try to be True.” Her sophomore album (still untitled) is set to be released at the end of 2015.

Aside from her solo project, Andriana also plays keys with local power-pop band, The Usual Things, and has formed an eclectic jazz duo (a. joy) with local guitarist, Robert Bell.

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