The Peach Kings

The Peach Kings consist of Texas-born Paige McClain Wood and Silver Lake, Los Angeles native Steven Trezevant Dies. The band currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

Stripped down, The Peach Kings' sound rests on the dynamic between Paige's classically trained, yet purposefully unorthodox vocals and Steven's tendency toward riff based guitar. What you end up with is a mixture somewhere between Portishead and Led Zeppelin, The Kills and Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps and Roy Orbison. While certain blues and doo-wop influences are obvious and undeniable, The Peach Kings arrive at a sound that is wholly their own; music that is modern, yet timeless.

We come out of the woods to rock the citys.

The We Shared Milk

" firm command of a sound that has elements of hazed-out '70s and slack-jawed '90s, but sounds entirely up to date." -Portland Mercury

"It was like watching a rabid pit bull trying to fight his way out of a cage."

"Rather than take the next logical step toward clean production and more straightforward songwriting, SUH pulls the listener in five or six directions at once... As before, though, the trio gives us an awful lot of ear candy to meditate on here, and the new disc's far-flung aesthetic choices just keep things interesting." -Willamette Week

"When they put their sound down on tape, The We Shared Milk sound as if they’ve taken a couple of hits and eaten a couple sleeves of Oreos. .. Live, these guys are all power and energy." -Rose City Live

"My favorite song however, was the 3rd track, Drag, with its damn infectious Clueless-esque guitar filled chorus."

"So thank you, the We Shared Milk, for getting me out of bed today." -Casey

"The band sported a NW barista look, except for the lead singer who resembled a New England performer."

"In the case of the naming of the album Jesuses I think using Jesus as a figure of interest in Portland is kind of an ironic joke." -GIS Technician III

"The band that feigns masturbation together, stays together" -Portland Mercury End Hits

"Ambrosius captivates as much with his phenomenal drum performance as he does with his dynamic, kinetic on-stage performances... Howard is the perfect post-hipster frontman." -


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