My God, The Heat, The Skintones, Damidol

My God, The Heat

A little slice of Midwestern punk rawk rock n' roll for the peoples.

OH, you need more? You want us to describe us to you with data, keywords, HTML and otherwise? Well, you see (and read), if Tom Waits, Buddy Holly, and The Buzzcocks all had sex, they would call this ill-gotten' love child: MY GOD, THE HEAT. Say it to yourself, start quiet, repeat, and get louder each time you yell our name. Say it, "MY GOD, THE HEAT." Say it louder, undress your lovers and think of us.

The Skintones

Psychofuzzcore from Madison, WI USA


The Misfits meet Killdozer by way of The Melvins and Agent Orange.

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