The Moth & the Flame

The Moth & the Flame

Out in the desert, a new scene is rising. Utah, once associated with not much more than Mormons and a big, salty lake, has fostered a breeding ground in Provo for some of indie's recent breakout bands, producing acts like Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. Among that crop is The Moth & the Flame — comprised of Brandon Robbins (guitar/vocals), Mark Garbett (keys/vocals) and Andrew Tolman (drums) — the next Utah group poised to grab national attention.

Incorporating the dark, slinking melodies of late-90s Radiohead, the dream-like melancholy of Brit-pop threesome Doves and the expansive, heavy post-rock soundscapes of England's Oceansize, The Moth & the Flame harken back to post-OK Computer's fruitful era of masterful songcraft and raw emotions. Updating these styles for modern times with nods toward sunnier themes and with the help of producer Joey Waronker (Beck, R.E.M., Atoms for Peace), The Moth & the Flame have stepped up to fill the long-standing void in indie art rock left when hazy, synth-driven chillwave came into fashion.

The Moth & the Flame's forth-coming EP, produced by Joey Waronker (Atoms for Peace), has a refreshingly no-bleed sound. The playing is crisp, each instrument distinct, and the lyrics are both straightforward and relatable. Robbins, Garbett and Tolman have something to say, and they've crafted a record to make sure you hear it. Here, themes of redemption, searching and loneliness play under the banner of ever-present tension evoked by the image of the moth and the flame. Sonically, the peaks and valleys of songs like "How We Woke Up" capture that tension, drawing close to catharsis without ever fully reaching it. The result is a dynamic collection of songs that explore a broad spectrum of the human experience — a rare find these days. In an era of monochromatic moods, The Moth & the Flame are here to remind us what we've been missing.


IRONTOM emerged at the beginning of the year with an intent on forging a presence for themselves on the Los Angeles music scene. With influences ranging from The Arctic Monkeys to Led Zeppelin, the music exhibits a variety of styles and sounds on top of a classic sensibility for song writing. The personalities of each of the five musicians combine to form an undeniably powerful and energetic sound.

The Tragic Thrills

The Tragic Thrills are a Los Angeles/Ottawa based Indie Rock band. The band consists of Michael Martinez, Zach Porter, Bret Schneiders and Cameron Quiseng.

Their eponymous debut LP is set to launch on October 22nd. The record is totally independent and self funded.


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