Dekades, The Donnies The Amys

Perhaps unwittingly, their moniker corroborates the truth behind their existence. Multigenerational and multifaceted, Dekades isn’t a democracy and they don’t have a leader. They function akin to a sleek five-legged arachnid, each with one spiny gam reaching out for unfettered terrain. It is precisely this unbalanced yet secure dynamic that lends itself to the musical tension expressed between the five disparate individuals, each with unique influences and contrasting tastes. It is rare to find a band where each member is encouraged to boldly hunt out influences, kill and skin the carcasses, and then return to the cave to share the feast.
To the lazy eye they fall into the tried and true industrial rock genre. But to the ear, all presumptions are scraped away to expose the sound of a machine constructed of dense flesh and bone. Here is not so much the grind of mechanism one expects, but a poignant soul hiding in plain sight behind waves of shimmering vibrations.
The veteran rhythm section of Chris Cano on drums and James Carter on bass rely more upon groove than rote aggression, mimicking the dark undercurrents of a pulsating human heart. Guitarist Josh Benson provides a rich wall of sound upon which multi-instrumentalist Matt Shores applies the chromatic textures. All this beautiful white noise is summoned behind vocalist/guitarist Arden Fisher, a tour de force in her own right.
Fisher, an accomplished visual artist, mines the depth of her soul to explore the lyrical dusk that lies within us all. But instead of taking the easy way out and scrawling the simplistic horror porn that dominates the blacker undertones of the alt rock genus, Fisher paints with impressionistic flair, drawing from experiences real and imagined to create a poetic tapestry full of darkness and light.
Alive, Dekades generates an intense sonic maelstrom befitting a band of their lineage. But unlike many of their contemporaries, they haven’t forgotten about the visual aspects of a performance. Fisher has the keen gift of holding an audience with her lupine presence that simultaneously contradicts and substantiates the vulnerability and power of her vocals. Benson completes the cinematic revelation by rapturing forth a level of stage production expertise usually reserved for stadium acts.
Dekades radiates a collective confidence which allows each member to advocate for their personal vision, which is then forged into an exquisite and stirring resonance unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

"If you’re into rock music that’s adorned with dark undertones, but still somehow manages to sound like a dream world – then check out 1.1, out now." - Golden Mixtape

“Shoe gaze, Psychedelia, loud bombastic art rock, these are just a few of the ways to describe the sound of Dekades"
- Brian Lacy (Audioeclectica)

The Donnies The Amys

"When we last spotted Amy Wood, she was making racket on the port side of Big Black Delta’s two-female-drummer arsenal. That was just the last sighting, of course; she also commands the kit for White Sea, All Wrong and the Plans Change, the Broken Remotes, Lonely Trees. Her latest project with her bandmate from the Outdoors, Donnie Stemp, looks like a boatload of fun. Stemp and Wood are going by the capitalization-challenged, conjunction-less moniker the donnies the amys, and they debut with a video for “Boxer + Clover.” It’s on their self-recorded debut album currently being mixed and mastered by the drummer’s father, John Wood. The donnies the amys plan to release the album Dec. 31, in case your year-end list is belated." - BuzzBands.LA



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