FREE SHOW! Spirit Vine record release party, Fever The Ghost, Gateway Drugs, Guy Blakeslee (of The Entrance Band), Beach Party covering Hole, Nirvana and much more

Spirit Vine

On a misty winter night filled with bourbon, peace pipes and "Their Satanic Majesties Request," LA's magic makers, Spirit Vine, spun the karmic wheel when they united inside a wooden ship in Echo Park. Formed by Los Angeles based guitarist Gabriel Pacheco, singer/songwriter Jacquelinne Cingolani and guitarist/bassist Aaron Bustos, Spirit Vine endured several line up changes before a chance encounter solidified the spirit of the band. One evening, a stroll through Echo Park would have the trio stumbling across drummer Jalise Woodward meandering in front of the historical Echo Park barber shop. The events that proceeded are unknown, the rest is history, Spirit Vine was born. Often drawing comparisons to Siouxsie and the Banshees, X, Shocking Blu, The Stooges and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spirit Vine have been playing the underground circuit for the past few years with some of L.A.'s finest accessories to rock and roll/punk. They have released two EP's and are currently awaiting the release of their first LP (produced by Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line) under Manimal Vinyl in October 2013. Spirit Vine will be making the circuits playing CMJ, touring the US and embarking on a European tour in the spring. Currently, they are in pre production to record with Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Fool's Gold) in January for a follow up EP/LP...who knows with these guys.

Spirit Vine's haunting music tears the flesh and gets down to the bone, strikes a few nerves along the way and gracefully sews it all back together again...we ain't dead...yet.

" L.A. band Spirit Vine have been making their own special kind of witchy rock & roll-the kind of thing you think of when you hear Beefheart growl about coming outta the desert" (LA WEEKLY/ Chris Ziegler)

Fever the Ghost

FEVER THE GHOST became a band in 2013 under direct supervision from the Swell Swan corporation. They have been charged with sparkling* the Los Angeles music scene. Failure to do so will result in catastrophic DNA alterations for band-members Casper, Bobby, Mason & Nick-O, the details of which have not been disclosed to them by the corporation. The first 45 RPM record of 'Rounder' b/w 'Her Earth' was produced by Luther Russell under strict orders from Swell Swann as an analog recording, ensuring musical 'cleanliness', according to corporation guidelines. Though originally the spiritual brainchild of Casper, the strangely 'touched' seer, FEVER THE GHOST will from this point forward release artworks in various musical forms under the umbrella of Swell Swann--until further notified. It is imperative that their sparkling* is enjoyed by as many receptors* as possible, due to the fact that Swell Swann is keeping precise 'count'. There is nothing further to add at this time.

* Sparkling: the musical fertilization of souls via energy-dust formed by the vibrations from a performance or recording.

*Receptors: those beings who are receptive to the sparkling.

The question that has been keeping us up at night all these years – what if The Knack and The Birthday Party got together and had kids – has finally been answered … and it’s Gateway Drugs.

Hailing from the dark streets of sunny Los Angeles Gab, Noa, and Liv Niles are the real live children of The Knack’s Preston Niles. Blues Williams, a sworn in blood brother, rounds out the band.

Liv - lead vocals, guitars, bass, theremin – packs a voice smoky sweet like Chrissie and Patsy but lays down sonic smoking leads like Jay and Johnny.

Noa - lead vocals, guitars, keys - croons like a teen angel then coaxes waves of pure bliss and snarling panthers from his guitar.

Gab – lead vocals, drums, guitars, bass – pounds his kit like a freight train stampeding down the midnight rails while he howls at the moon.

Blues – vocals, bass, guitars, banjos - holds it all together, riding the dark swells with thundering lines and perfect cheek bones, trying his best to keep all the real girls from going under.

Gateway Drugs shows are a controlled cauldron of total rock and roll inspiration. All members are multi-instrumentalist lead singers, and the vocals and instruments are thrown around like chainsaw jugglers up on the high wire, or kids who have been playing together since ... well, since they were really little kids. Gateway Drugs are a mind-blowing, heart-altering mix of sex, chaos, bad thoughts, young dreams, and perfect pop hits … take it now.


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