Fear Nuttin Band

Some bands have coined themselves as revolutionary, but Fear Nuttin Band is evolutionary. With their musical roots fusing the intensity of metal, the rhythm of Jamaican dance hall and the social consciousness of hip hop, this band is defining a genre.

The Fear Nuttin Band sound is as diverse as the cultures the band members represent. The hot West Indian sun incubated the talents of frontmen Roosta (vocals), Prowla (vocals) and Jay Chung (guitar), while instrumentalists Matt Penza (drums), Chris Regan (guitar), Brian Daigle (bass) represent New England's finest. The union of these six individuals was in the stars: with Chris, Jay, Penza and Brian lending their musical talents to heavy bands all over the Pioneer Valley, the four always found themselves in and out of bands together. It was the same day that Matt, Chris and Brian found themselves without a frontman that Roosta and Prowla called up and asked them to jam. These final Fear Nuttin Band members have been together since.

Much can be said about their home of Springfield, Massachusetts, and its reputation for breeding original artists and ideas. Put on the map for growing groundbreaking entertainers from the powerful reggae dynasty that is the Morgan Heritage, to the mixed melodies of one of the country's biggest new rock acts Staind, the metal onslaught of Shadows Fall, and All That Remains, Springfield has become a musical hotbed. Fear Nuttin Band took the area by storm with their infamous live shows, and became hometown heroes when they were awarded wins in the Valley Advocate Grand Band Slam four years in a row, taking home the honors for best new band, best new reggae/ska band, and best party band.

Most recently, Fear Nuttin Band triumphantly competed in the nationwide Bodog Music Battle of the Bands, making them Boston's champions and landing them a recording contract with Bodog Music. Fans watched as Fear Nuttin Band trekked the nation on the Bodog Battle reality TV series, winning the hearts and respect of their competitors and fans, and becoming a favorite among esteemed judges Johnny Rotten, Bif Naked and Billy Duffy. Fear Nuttin Band victoriously returned for the explosive Bodog Battle finale as the Alternative Press Magazine's popular vote-back winner. Kevin Lyman, founder of the Warped Tour, told the band once, "All you need is one man to believe in this band and the rest is history." Bodog Music's founder Calvin Ayre is that man. Calvin was so excited about the public's response to Fear Nuttin Band that even though they had been previously voted out of the competition, he made them a part of the Bodog Music roster alongside the Bodog Battle winners.

With their musical credo "Unify the Music, Unify the People," the band has embarked on a musical mission. They have developed a worldwide following due in part to their unique sound, but also because of their diehard work ethic. Live, Fear Nuttin Band are an unforgettable force that draws audiences into the stage swagger of two of today's most charismatic frontmen, Roosta and Prowla. Because of the band's unique charisma and energy, they've played over 500 sold-out shows and toured the nation with the likes of Toots and the Maytals, Blink 182, Buju Banton, Green Day, Morgan Heritage, Fishbone, and graced several stages on the Vans Warped Tour. All this, plus the band has released several independent EPs, and developed their own merchandise line.

In 2007 Fear Nuttin Band linked up with famed producer Terry Date (The Deftones, Pantera, White Zombie, Korn) to take the reins on their Bodog Music debut record titled Yardcore. The album captures their infectious, energetic live performance while highlighting the vocalists' phonetic banter and melodic verses. A mix of reggae, dance hall, and hard, heavy rock, the album is a progressive body of work. Peppered with political statements, the singers bare their souls through every track and speak of their personal values and beliefs. Yardcore is a crossbreed, a non-conformist body of work put together purely to give the listener something to think about. What it's not is "Rockstaffari" bullshit — it's an angsty, ballsy blend of hardcore instrumentals and vocals that scat and swoon with Jamaican nobility. Chris Regan and Jay Chung provide the wailing guitars and pocket riddem harmonies while Brian Daigle's bass acts as the pulse of the rhythm section and Matt Penza's drumming pyrotechnics pop and burst throughout the disc.

Fear Nuttin Band's Yardcore is a real offering of love driven with intensity, and it might be the first album in history to cause a mosh pit that ends in hugs and high fives. Yardcore is set to be released in March 2008 on the Bodog Music label with simultaneous releases in America, Canada, Europe and the U.K.

Eight Feet Tall

Eight Feet Tall is a Boston based Hip Hop / Funk group originally hailing from the 5 moons that orbit pluto.

Although the group was extremely offended by Earth's decision to remove Pluto from the list of planets orbiting Earth - Trombonist Vinay Bhatt is such a huge enthusiast of Earths beers that he convinced the group to bring the party that is 8FT to venues of all locations & sizes.

While it is true that 8FT's rider has only 1 request, "Your finest beer" The group has also taken a liking to Whiskey (Primarily Rance Mohammad) & on occasion fruity girly drinks (Trumpet player Kai Sandoval is the main culprit here - He simply can't resist a good Pina Colada).

Despite love for their home planet of Pluto - the group has taken a strong liking to Earth & plans to continue their journey to find the best beer in existence.

Along the way - they just may be bringing their extraterrestrial sound to a city near you!

Pipeline Riot

Pipeline Riot is a psychedelitechtonic quadrafunk band that focuses on playing eclectic thought provoking music. It sounds like funky droning worldliness from a primitive society on the brink of a technical revolution. The four play and write together with the overall goal of sonically transcribing their thoughts, troubles, triumphs, and convictions all the while using that very same music to forget them. Since the Riot broke out in late 2009, they have performed tirelessly in the New England area ranging from house parties and bars to festivals and venues. Be on the look out for their Debut Album releasing this Spring!

The Relevant Elephants

Zack: I'm a dirty street/subway musician and I like to party.

Taylor: Loves quesadillas and the beach. A clever goofball who enjoys a cold Sam Adams on a nice day.

Adam: Mellow and independent by nature. A pretty nice fellow who can play a pretty mean bass. Would probably rather chill than party, but nevertheless, does like to party.

Mack: likes to do a healthy combination of chilling and partying.
we play an array of awesome, funky, reggae, rock, country/ whatever we like to put into your earholes.


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