Gravy has successfully “created their own very original sound with their latest album Get Busy

Living – a bit of neo soul mixed with some indie rock smothered in a whole bunch of New Orleans funk -

just as refreshingly new and tasty as a great chef's sauce” according to producer of Gravy’s latest album

and founding member of Galactic, Robert Mercurio. Inspired by a cultural renaissance and newfound

clarity of vision; Gravy preaches the gospel of New Orleans funk while maintaining a creative voice

steeped in the time-honored traditions of The Crescent City. Emerging out of the New Orleans music

scene, quickly making a name for itself by paying homage to influences as varied and vast as the city

they call home, the four members of Gravy came together as a band of experienced and working

musicians hailing from different parts of the country with an unquenchable thirst to make it in the Big

On the heels of their most formative album to date, Gravy takes the helm on Get Busy Living and

navigates within their respective terrain in innovative and exciting ways that make a bold statement

about the future of this band. This latest album, now road tested with an added element of spontaneity

encouraged by the live setting, has become an artistic achievement that serves as a testament to their

hard-work, dedication, and unwavering devotion to their craft. Gravy has elevated their creative vision

above the contemporary quagmire and gained a musical perspective that is inspired by ingenuity and

fueled by a passionate presentation of their eclectic influences. Excited to pursue a fresh set of tour

dates and festival slots, Gravy is on a mission to bring their message to music fans hungry for something

that challenges, inspires, and satisfies the soul.



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