The Swellers

The Swellers

From the perpetually down-on-its-luck, blue collar, rustbelt factory town of Flint, Michigan, comes new Fueled By Ramen signees The Swellers, a punk band that knows a thing or two about making hard, no-nonsense, but infinitely catchy music.

Following in the footsteps of other hard- Flintites who've made their name on the world stage—film provocateur Michael Moore, '70s hard rock pioneers Grand Funk Railroad, '80s grindcore/death-metal pioneers Repulsion, and the late rapper M.C. Breed—The Swellers have forged a hard-edged, yet accessible style of punk over the better part of a decade, the last three of which have been spent touring non-stop with the likes of Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto, among numerous others.

Bottle Kids

Formed in the summer of '11, Bottle Kids have packed bars up and down the SF peninsula.

With a voice that "cuts right through glass," Bottle Kids are fronted by the 5 foot tall San Francisco native Annie Ulukou; who has been compared to Ann and Nancy Wilson, and an Orange Tiny Terror amp. From the mean streets of PA, Paul Zielinski has been bringing his high energy performance to the stage for years. One of Bottle Kids main driving forces, Paul's guitar skills are matched only by his stage presence, charisma, and height. Yeah, he's tall. Bassist Justin Bastedo is proof that there is more to Iowa than corn and cow tipping. Growing up on a farm, the son of a pastor, Justin drove to L.A. at 18 years old, never looked back; and its a good thing for Bottle Kids that he didn't. Always striving to create the absolute best sound he can with his equipment, Justin's bass playing accounts for no less than 98% of the heavy sound Bottle Kids has cultivated for themselves.
Straight from the maple covered moose filled wilds of Canada comes Jon Ried. Filled with more energy than your fuse box can handle, Jon's beats will get you on your feet every time. Rarely seen not banging on something, Jon's passion for rocking hard is evidenced by the splinters of broken sticks that surround his kit after every practice.


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